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Xander Apr 08 414 views

Is being a stage performer worth it?

Hi, I'm an 11th (about to be 12th) grader trying to decide his career path. I've done stage performance since I was in pre-k and it has become something I need to express myself. I can't see myself without it in my life. However, my mom says I wouldn't be able to make a living off of it and...

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Xander Mar 20 566 views

When writing my admissions essay, should I include the fact that I am trans?

I don't know how much they need to know about me. I'm not transitioned yet, and I'm afraid if I say I'm a male and then show up female presenting they won't accept me or will kick me out.

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Xander Mar 14 491 views

Do college applications have to be tragic?

Don't get me wrong, I can write about many tragic things that have happened in my life, but that doesn't make up who I am.

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Xander Mar 14 895 views

Which Career should I choose Theatre or Marine Biology?

They're completely different, but they are both significant to me. For instance, I love acting, I've been doing it my whole life and can't imagine myself without it! It makes me the happiest I've ever been and brought me out of my shell of anxiety. It's made me who I am. However, I also love...

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Destiny Mar 08 500 views

What do we do to start our career journey.

What tips and tricks are useful while finding a career?

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Destiny Jan 20 425 views

How do we start our careers?

Start by looking at what your skills are and find that skill in a major at college.

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Addy Jan 20 553 views

How do you know a job is right for you ?

Ive had the same job for a couple years. I love the people I'm working with but I don't feel fulfilled in what I do. I like the job but I don't know if it's because of my perspective or if it's just not the right job for me.

Malia’s Avatar
Malia Oct 02, 2023 325 views

How can I boost my knowledge for the future?

How do I help myself grow in knowledge to understand more about law, and criminal justice to help me in the future classes I'll be taking in law school?

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Oct 02, 2023 529 views

What tasks do forensic psychologists do daily?

What does the day to day look like, such as environment and tasks?

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Angel Jul 09, 2023 295 views

How can I get started with the career I want as a freshman in highschool

How can I get started with the career I want as a freshman in highschool.

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Victoria Jun 17, 2023 332 views

how do you mentally prepare to work as a therapist or psychologist?

I know some psychologist and therapist have their own things going on and might have to hear a lot of bad/sad things while at work so i was wondering how do you take care of your own mental to be prepared for that.

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 28, 2023 3043 views

How much time do you get to spend at home with your family?

If I want to become a pilot will I still be able to spend a lot of time with my family? How many days do you at home get between flights. Do pilots have breaks like in school for example winter break, summer break. and holidays. Do you have to go to college or is it some type of flight school....

Mackenzie’s Avatar
Mackenzie Nov 08, 2018 696 views

How can I work as a lawyer to help human trafficking victims?

I have recently decided to go to law school after undergrad. I am currently a sophomore at East Tennessee State. I figured I would major in Political Science and minor in English and Social Work. I want to do something large and make a difference for those who are incapable. I also am not...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 19, 2018 814 views

I am a good student with good writing skills, but I cannot seem to win any scholarships. What are they looking for in a winning essay?

I think I am writing good answers to the essay questions on scholarships I think I could win, but I have not had much luck. I wonder if there is a winning formula. Something I need to be sure to include or a certain style? #scholarships #essay

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Rachel May 19, 2018 746 views

Do you think it is too hard to double major in history and musical theater?

I really love acting and singing, but I figure I can always do that as a hobby without training, and I will need a degree to get a job in a history field.

#musicaltheater #history #doublemajor

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