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Trissa S.’s Avatar
Trissa S. Jan 19, 2018 454 views

How do I decide on a career?

Everyone asks me what I am going to major or minor in, in college and I still have no idea. I do not even know where to start on deciding what I want to be. #help #undecided...


David D.’s Avatar
David D. Oct 22, 2016 416 views
Clarise B.’s Avatar
Clarise B. Apr 04, 2018 548 views

How many hours of classes should I take per semester?

I am working on enrolling, and I will be a full-time student. I want to take as many gen-ed classes as I can to get them out of the way, but how many hours would you recommend I take? I won't be living on campus, so I don't want to overload on classes, but I would like to get classes done....

#college-admissions #college-advice #college-admission #student-counseling

Dystany G.’s Avatar
Dystany G. Oct 20, 2016 493 views

What classes should I really focus on in college when wanting to become a nurse anesthetist?

I ask this because my future goal is to become a nurse anesthetist and to major in nursing when attending college #registered-nurses...


Ken V.’s Avatar
Ken V. Nov 01, 2016 624 views

Electrical Enginnering vs. Computer Science

What industry has bigger growth and more opportunities for young people? Also, what are the advantages of each field in terms of professional growth and overall job quality? #computer-science #engineering #programming...


Taylor H.’s Avatar
Taylor H. May 21, 2018 304 views

What is a good way to improve your skills in art?

I would like to know any tips on how to improve faster specifically with coloring pieces. #arts...


Michael M.’s Avatar
Michael M. Oct 19, 2016 1618 views
Clarise B.’s Avatar
Clarise B. Mar 17, 2018 467 views

After Nursing School, Specific Study

I have always wanted to be in the army, but I have also really always been passionate about nursing and medical field. Because of this, I would like to possibly pursue the Army Nurse Corps after receiving my BSN/RN. What would be the best steps to obtain this degree and get into the army nurse...

#army #surgical #healthcare #registered-nurses #pediatric-nursing #nursing

Kailey K.’s Avatar
Kailey K. Mar 25, 2018 545 views

Is it worth it to get a Master's in Law Enforcement?

I'm currently attending Western Illinois University. About a quarter of the entire student body are Law Enforcement majors. I feel like a lot of the professors are pushing students to get a Master's Degree in Law Enforcement. How beneficial do you think this would be? #masters-degree...

#college-major #police #leja #law-enforcement

Taylor H.’s Avatar
Taylor H. May 21, 2018 286 views

How would you get into the animation industry?

It feels like getting into the industry is a bit hard, so I was wondering if there was any tips on how to enter it. #film #performing-arts #animation #art...


Clarise B.’s Avatar
Clarise B. Apr 04, 2018 374 views

Is there a best time to study?

When is the "best" time to study? I have class, then lab right after. Should I take a mental break after lab, or should I study right then so it is "fresh" information? Is there a best time to study? #nursing #college #nursingschool #student-life #studying-tips...


David D.’s Avatar
David D. Oct 22, 2016 506 views

How quickly does aerospace engineering advance?

I would like to go into aerospace engineering....


Olivia W.’s Avatar
Olivia W. May 15, 2018 309 views

Is it better for me to continue my education by earning a master's degree in nursing at the same university I obtain my bachelors from? Or should I Iook at other schools to further my education?

I am asking this question because I am not sure if I should continue my education before locking at an an employer or should I explore my options at other schools and earn an advanced degree in nursing. I want to begin to use my degree and begin my career as a nurse but not sure if it is worth...

#nurseanesthetist #registered-nursing #masters #healthcare #graduate-school #hospital-and-healthcare #nursing #nurse #colege #grad-school

Surayyah S.’s Avatar
Surayyah S. May 25, 2016 804 views

Creative Writing

Does anyone know of any good colleges that have acclaimed/really good creative writing programs? I'm an aspiring writer, and I'd love to know! Thanks! :D #writing #english #colleges #creative...


Olivia W.’s Avatar
Olivia W. May 15, 2018 265 views

What are activities I can participate in before classes start so that I don't get homesick? List some activities that I can look for or groups I can join that will make this transition smoother?

Living on campus away from my family will be a first for me and my family. I am the first of my family to leave home and attend college away. I am anxious and nervous. I am a very independent person but since is the first time I have been away from my family I want to know what are some things...

#newadventure4all #college-bound #onmyown #college

Clarise B.’s Avatar
Clarise B. Mar 17, 2018 307 views

Nursing Choices

There are so many choices to make with the degree of nursing; get a master's, specialize, etc. How do you know what steps to take to be the best nurse you can be? What is it like to continue on for a master's degree, PhD, etc.? How would you know what to specialize in, and/or what should my...

#doctor #nurse-practitioner #pediatrician #healthcare #pediatric-nursing #nursing

Kailey K.’s Avatar
Kailey K. Mar 25, 2018 256 views

What does an aspiring cop have to look forward to in the coming years?

With public relations and police seemingly at odds, what does someone aspiring to join the force have to look forward to? It seems like the swinging pendulum is going fast and faster between liking the police and hating them. The pendulum swing is normal over time, but due to the 24-hour news...

#criminal-justice #police #law-enforcement

James H.’s Avatar
James H. Mar 17, 2018 175 views

How do you know if you have picked the right college?

I plan on being a student athlete so I am researching a long list of colleges. I am relying heavily on the internet to narrow the list . I am looking up tuition & housing costs. I am also making sure my major is offered, the average loan debt at graduation, and 4 year graduation rate....


James H.’s Avatar
James H. Mar 16, 2018 191 views

Is the curriculum for a Business Major the same at all schools?

If my major is Business with an emphasis in Marketing would the classes be identical at all colleges with that major offered? Does the higher priced school guarantee a better wage when I enter the work force...


Michael M.’s Avatar
Michael M. Oct 19, 2016 349 views
Dystany G.’s Avatar
Dystany G. Oct 20, 2016 529 views

How do you keep yourself motivated when a task gets hard?

I am asking because hard work really does pay off and I know being in the medical field isnt always easy, I am just curious as to how these doctors and nurses keep themselves going so they dont give up on a more difficult task. #doctors #nurses...


Kirsten A.’s Avatar
Kirsten A. May 27, 2016 427 views
Surayyah S.’s Avatar
Surayyah S. May 25, 2016 524 views

Career Suggestions

What career(s) do you guys suggest for one who loves working with others, volunteering, creative writing, interior design, using technology, and aspects of business? Thanks! :)...


Vera B.’s Avatar
Vera B. May 20, 2016 616 views

What schools produce the most talented doctors?

Because I would like to choose one of them to pursue my medical career. #doctor...


Lindsey H.’s Avatar
Lindsey H. May 16, 2016 529 views

Who is the best person to talk to when determining a career path?

I am currently planning on studying environmental science in college but I still don't have much of an idea of what I want to do when I graduate. I want to know who can help me discover careers that might interest me and how can I start preparing to pursue that career option. #teaching #teacher...

#professor #career-choice #career-paths #counselor

Lindsey H.’s Avatar
Lindsey H. May 16, 2016 369 views

How can I make college affordable

College is very important to me and I know I am going even though it is beyond expensive. As of right now I have to pay for college on my own without my parents assistance. I am currently working and applying for scholarships when ever I get the chance but I was curious if their are any other...

#financial-aid #job-search #scholarships

Rachel R.’s Avatar
Rachel R. May 04, 2016 650 views

How much school is required if I want to become a pediatric dentist?

I might want to become a pediatric dentist, but I'm unsure if it would take too many years of school and if it would be very flexible. #dentistry #children #family-dentistry...


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