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Mount Carmel, Tennessee

Within 40 mile radius
Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jul 09 83 views

How can I get started with the career I want as a freshman in highschool

How can I get started with the career I want as a freshman in highschool.

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jun 17 82 views

how do you mentally prepare to work as a therapist or psychologist?

I know some psychologist and therapist have their own things going on and might have to hear a lot of bad/sad things while at work so i was wondering how do you take care of your own mental to be prepared for that.

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 28 241 views

How much time do you get to spend at home with your family?

If I want to become a pilot will I still be able to spend a lot of time with my family? How many days do you at home get between flights. Do pilots have breaks like in school for example winter break, summer break. and holidays. Do you have to go to college or is it some type of flight school....

Mackenzie’s Avatar
Mackenzie Nov 08, 2018 543 views

How can I work as a lawyer to help human trafficking victims?

I have recently decided to go to law school after undergrad. I am currently a sophomore at East Tennessee State. I figured I would major in Political Science and minor in English and Social Work. I want to do something large and make a difference for those who are incapable. I also am not...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 19, 2018 650 views

I am a good student with good writing skills, but I cannot seem to win any scholarships. What are they looking for in a winning essay?

I think I am writing good answers to the essay questions on scholarships I think I could win, but I have not had much luck. I wonder if there is a winning formula. Something I need to be sure to include or a certain style? #scholarships #essay

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 19, 2018 584 views

Do you think it is too hard to double major in history and musical theater?

I really love acting and singing, but I figure I can always do that as a hobby without training, and I will need a degree to get a job in a history field.

#musicaltheater #history #doublemajor

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 19, 2018 557 views

Would it be best to focus on an area of American history to be able to get a job at a museum or historic site in the US, or can I still study other areas of history, such as ancient civilizations or the Renaissance in Europe?

I really enjoy learning about ancient and European history more, but I figure that if I am looking for a job in the US at a historic site or museum, I would need more of an American history background. I don't know what kind of jobs would be available to someone with a focus on ancient...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jan 23, 2018 769 views

Best school for Biology?

I need help ok. #desperateagain #helpme #bemyfriend #biology #college

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jan 23, 2018 599 views

What is the best way to pay soon-to-be college debt?

I really just don't want to be poor int he future and would like to know of any plans that might help. #desperate #moneyforcollege #debt #college-debt #poor

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jan 20, 2018 458 views

How can I begin to prepare for my major?

I am studying Kinesiology in college to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. I know I will begin those specific studies later in college after gen eds, but i want to begin to prep for it. How do i do so? How do i start internships? #hospital-and-health-care #physical-therapy

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jan 20, 2018 457 views

How do we know if our career paths are timeless?

I am going into Kinesiology in order to do Pediatric Physical Therapy- my dream job. I know that times change and during different times there is always a greater demand for one thing more than the other. How do you ensure that your career pathway will still be useful and needed?...

Mackayla’s Avatar
Mackayla Sep 01, 2017 847 views

As someone that is undecided about what to study in college, what tips are there for finding an interest that balances personal happiness and economic confort?

This question is incredibly important to me because it addresses my largest concern, not just in terms of post-secondary education, but for life in general. As a naturally indecisive person, I perform well academically in all classes, but no colleges or majors have stricken me as "the one."...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 01, 2016 654 views

Being an engineer major, is there still time to do other stuff?

I want to make sure that in college that I get the full college experience. I don't want to be too caught up in school that I don't have time for the fun things. #college #student #engineering #time-management

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 23, 2016 939 views

I'm interested in mathematics and computer coding, what careers are available

I love both algebra and computer coding and would like to combine both in a career, what may be available and what colleges and majors should i be looking at #computer-software #computer #mathematics #algebra

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 23, 2016 1142 views

What is the best college path to learn computer coding

Trying to find the best colleges that offer coding #computer-software #coding

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