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Pike Road, Alabama

Within 40 mile radius
Zita’s Avatar
Zita Apr 28 220 views

What are the pathways to a career in cognitive science?

I want to become an HCI engineer through cognitive science but I have no idea what to do.

Keasia’s Avatar
Keasia Jan 17 723 views

what are two things about real estate sales agent information interviews? ?


Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Aug 21, 2023 455 views

What is a great school in alabama to become a teacher?

-also want to to play softball at the school I choose

Joe’s Avatar
Joe Aug 15, 2023 275 views

How do i becpme How do i become successful?

How do i become successful

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Jul 26, 2023 1538 views

How do I create a resume?

How do I create a resume that I will submit on a job application?

aubrey’s Avatar
aubrey Jul 19, 2023 496 views

what do i need to do to get into a art career?

i am 13 years old in 7th grade and im interested in art.

Kenni’s Avatar
Kenni Mar 22, 2023 1053 views

Is a 20 a good score on the ACT?

What is a good score to make on the ACT is I want to go to a University?

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Aug 25, 2022 502 views

hello, I'm not to close to college but i wanted to get a idea of the transitioning process from college to nursing school?

Hello, I am not too close to college but I wanted to see what is the transitioning process from college to nursing school???

Jermeral’s Avatar
Jermeral Nov 05, 2020 666 views

Jobs for fixing computers???

#pc #computer #fixing

kamil’s Avatar
kamil Sep 09, 2020 584 views

Can anyone give me advice on being a doctor?

I love what my mom do i love saving life and i wont to be a doctor . So can i please get any advice #doctor ,# #surgeon

kamil’s Avatar
kamil Sep 09, 2020 636 views

How to become a successful business women?

I am 13 and im in the 8th grade.I love to dance and do hair as well. When i mean being a successful business women i mean like a hair business women i have been doing my family hair in posting it but i guess im just not good enough to do hair it look very good my family loves it and no one have...

Prince’s Avatar
Prince Jun 06, 2020 880 views

I am 16 bout to be 17 what job can I do that age

I like to sing cleaning up and just being myself

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Aug 23, 2018 761 views

What are some good college recommendations for an aspiring psychologist?

#psychologist #clinical-psychology #counseling-psychology #clinical-psychology

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Aug 23, 2018 506 views

How long do most applied psychologists go to school for?

#school #medical-school

Precious’s Avatar
Precious Aug 11, 2018 652 views

If I want to change my major, will my credits count from my previous major?

I am currently taking exercise science courses, if I want to change to a education career will my exercise science credits count towards it? #choosing-a-major #majors

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