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Pine Hill, New Jersey

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Alice’s Avatar
Alice May 22, 2016 1070 views

How do you get internships as a high schooler?

I'm a junior in high school looking for internships to apply to, but they all seem to be for college students. #internships

Alice’s Avatar
Alice May 22, 2016 741 views

Do colleges value holding a job in high school?

Im wondering whether or not it would be beneficial to get a job. #job

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas May 22, 2016 874 views

How do you use your linkedin profile to it's full advantage to get a job?

I've made a linkedin profile and I don't quite understand how to use it to obtain a job that I want. I am currently a sophomore in college, I major in Civil Environmental engineering and I would like to know how using Linkedin can help me find a job. Thank you. #job #linkedin #ceo...

Halimah’s Avatar
Halimah May 22, 2016 907 views

Is the acting field the hardest?

I'm a high school senior and I will be attending The Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the fall. I've always wanted to be an actress since I was 6 and I always wanted to be the Meryl Streep of my generation. I just want to follow my dreams no matter the obstacles in my way and I just want...

Halimah’s Avatar
Halimah May 22, 2016 1220 views

After trying all you can do and not getting the desired job in you career field what do you do?

I don't want to put all of my eggs in one basket, but I also don't want to give up. My career field is competitive and I don't know if its reachable. I don't want to give up but I also need advise. Everyone seems to think I'm over my head and shooting way beyond the stars but I don't have a...

Valeria’s Avatar
Valeria May 21, 2016 2209 views

How's a day in the life of a school counselor? What exactly do they do?

I am a Psychology major and I would love to work with bullied kids and help them overcome the pressure and struggle that is for them to go to school. I am not sure if working as a school counselor is the job that will let me have a better approach to this kids, that's why I would like to know...

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas May 21, 2016 1137 views

What are some key factors that you should look for went looking for an apartment?

As a sophomore in college, I have decided to live off campus but finding an apartment is a big step in balancing my income. As any college student that is just placed into the world and told to do what adults do, what should I look for when looking for an apartment? #college #finance #job...

Jabrea’s Avatar
Jabrea May 20, 2016 794 views

If I do summer classes will there be a guarantee that I will graduate early or on time?

I am asking this because I applied to a school as undecided, I though that I was not going to get accepted into the nursing program. The lady I spoke to said that I will be on a 5 year track because the nursing program is filled up now. I was hoping that I could take summer classes or...

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 20, 2016 1710 views

Where do composers find their inspiration?

Sometimes when I'm writing, I hit a wall and can't get inspired. Do you have any tips to find a creative spark? #music #music-performance #composition #music-composition

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 20, 2016 1071 views

How do you go about getting commissioned as a composer?

I wish to make a living as a working composer and am curious as to how current composers get commissions. #music #music-performance #composition #music-composition

Manveer’s Avatar
Manveer May 18, 2016 740 views

Do you think the increase in administrative jobs and decrease in faculty jobs at specific institutions show a weakness in that specific school?

I have just read an article saying that the college I am attending had less faculty jobs than years before. This worries me slightly and will hamper my goals to get that job I want in life. #teaching #teacher #students

Manveer’s Avatar
Manveer May 18, 2016 567 views

What's the best way to get ahead and get internships and fellowships over other students in college?

In high school I worked really hard but was rejected by many internships and fellowships. (medical) I honestly believe I am qualified to land these internships but it just doesn't happen. What are some tips to be more charismatic and have habits like that #doctor #college-admissions...

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn May 18, 2016 949 views

What is the best way to find internships?

I would like to have an internship next summer and thought I should start looking now. #internship

Jake’s Avatar
Jake May 17, 2016 1101 views

What type of job will I be qualified for with a bachelors degree in political science?

I am very passionate about politics and have decided to study it. #international #federal-government #international-affairs #humanities #us-government #governance

Jake’s Avatar
Jake May 17, 2016 6749 views

I would like to combine psychology, political science, and international relations into a bachelors degree. What are the career prospects?

I am very interested in all of these fields and would like to use them together to make the world a more peaceful place. #college #career #psychology #college-major #career-counseling #politics #international-relations #political-campaigns

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