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What skills do you use?

# #job-application What skills do you use in the flight attendant...


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Posted by Deonte E.’s Avatar Deonte E.
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Mr. Ernst Constant III | Either fall or grow! Deonte E,You will use personal, interpersonal and comprehensive skills.

Is it ok to give a generic answer to an interview question?

I am always stuck on the interview question asking me to tell the interviewers a time I was working in a group that I demonstrated leadership skills. The only answer I can come up with is the ghosting of a member and how I reached out to the member to resolve the problem. Is this answer too...

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Posted by Esther C.’s Avatar Esther C.
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Alice Yap | Career Developer and HR Professional - Bringing the ... Do not provide a generic answer. Interview is the only time ...

Do employers see value in a Coursera/edX/MOOCs certificates?

I want to continue my studies to build my career and have relevant skills in my field, but it is hard to do in-class courses with a full-time job. This made me strongly consider taking online courses. I definitely think that further education is great for personal growth and learning new...

#certifications #resume #career #career-building #job-application #online-courses #education


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Posted by Elsa Z.’s Avatar Elsa Z.
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Matthew Higgins | Director - Markets & Sectors at PwC Elsa,In my experience recruiting and hiring individuals into the consulting field, ...

What are some tips when it comes to making a resume?

I am currently looking for internships in the accounting field. I have never made a resume and don't have any work experience so I am unsure of how to start and what to include in my first resume. I am also wondering what do employers look for in a resume. #resume #internship #job-application...

#accounting #job #finance #business


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4 answers

Posted by Victoria G.’s Avatar Victoria G.
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Irewole Akande | Electronics Engineer | IoT enthusiast | Career Consultant ... Your resume is a one page snapshot of personal, academic and ...

Applying for jobs

Should you apply for jobs if you don't have all the recommended skills needed? Can you learn them when you get there? #job-search #resume...



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Posted by Naysa B.’s Avatar Naysa B.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Naysa,By all means, if you have most of the qualifications, go ...

Interning or Making Money

I'm curious about whether I should be focusing on interning this summer as an animator for real world experience and connections or work to try to keep the cost of my education down? Any advice or experience possibly with both? #internship #college #resume #animation #art #summerjob #finance...



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Posted by Carson S.’s Avatar Carson S.
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Sabrina Reed Hi Carson – Great question! I had this exact concern before ...
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering There are basically two sets of criteria we used in my ...

Besides a computer science degree, what else can I do while in college to make myself more employable after college?

In addition to working on my college degree in technology, what else should I do while in college to make myself more employable? #computer-science #degree #technology #employable #job-application...



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5 answers

Posted by Brian F.’s Avatar Brian F.
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Jordan Embley-Bethell | Senior Analyst CS Ops Internship are key to getting real world work experience in a ...

What type of resume do you provide for a social impact corporation?

It is hard enough just trying to make a resume to fit into the corporate world, but to make a resume that is specifically aimed at social impact, like human trafficking, there must be some way to get across how passionate you are about dealing with such matters. #corporate-social-responsibility...

#human-resources #recruiting #job-application


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4 answers

Posted by Melissa A.’s Avatar Melissa A.
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April Eustice | Higher Education Specialist Hi Melissa, This is a really great question and it is ...

If you received multiple misdemeanors in various states which all were determined dismissed, will the government hire you?

I have a friend who got misdemeanors and an injunction in two different states, everything turned out to be dismissed or basically denied because nothing actually happened. They do show up in the court systems though. My friend wants to get a job with the government and has the skill set for...

#government #recruiting #human-resources #job-application #personal-development #career-details


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3 answers

Posted by Melissa A.’s Avatar Melissa A.
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Christine Warden | Senior Associate at PwC Many government agencies will hire people who have had misdemeanors, but ...

How do you you sell yourself on a resume if it looks a bit jumpy?

I spent my twenties sort of jumping from job to job, the longest being 2 1/2 years. My final position was a farce because the amount of money I was supposed to make was a lie and the people who made the job agreement were "let go." Anyhow, I decided to take a little break and ended up moving...

#talent-recruiting #hiring #human-resources #job-application


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5 answers

Posted by Melissa A.’s Avatar Melissa A.
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Yassine Selmouni | Proposals manager - Global bids & proposals chez ... Hi Melissa, First of all, sorry to read about your accident. ...

What is the best way to present yourself in a resume if you have a mentaI diagnosis which previously inhibited your loyalty to a company and you jumped from job to job?

I had a very difficult time staying at one job because I could not focus on my work and actually needed to multiple things at one time to keep myself in check. I was a great multi-tasker, but the job would soon bore me and I would not be able to do it without feeling severe anxiety. I only...

#talent-recruiting #legal-services #government #human-resources #job-application


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4 answers

Posted by Melissa A.’s Avatar Melissa A.
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Christina Baldovin, Esq | Legal Consultant at Organogenesis Inc. Hi there- I actually think your situation doesn't look as bad ...

What's your weakness?

College student seeking internship position. Well, no one is perfect, we all have weakness. During the interview, I found this question a bit tricky. I would like to know how you approach this kind of question. What does HR really want to know from this question? #interview...

#interview-preparation #career-counseling #college #interviewing-skills #job-application


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12 answers

Posted by Cindy L.’s Avatar Cindy L.
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Emily J. Gause | Connect[in]g people with greater economic opportunity Hi Cindy! I think there are a few things you should ...

What are some good questions to ask a potential employer during an interview?

Usually at the end of an interview, the hiring manager will give you the opportunity to ask some questions about the position or the company. Are there any questions that you can ask that will make you stand out to the employer as the main candidate? As well, as there any questions to avoid...

#interview #interview-preparation #job-application


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Posted by Elsa Z.’s Avatar Elsa Z.
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Darlene Miller, SPHR | Talent Excellence Solutions Manager at Intel Corporation Great questions already listed. I always ask, "How will you know, ...

How to get a job in writing online?

I'm a freshman (9th grade) in high school, and since summer is coming, I wanted to get a job. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find jobs that don't require a degree and such. Update: With your guys' advice, I've decided to enter some writing contests and hope for exposure and maybe...

#high-school #english #journalism #writing #american #summer-job #job-application #freshman #career-details


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6 answers

Posted by Nitya J.’s Avatar Nitya J.
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Vernon Turner | Independent Writing and Editing Professional Why on-line? Do you have a business plan? How much money ...

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