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Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Nov 10, 2022 134 views

What are some good architectural programs for seniors in high school?

What are some good, affordable architectural programs?

I've been researching good areas and schools where the programs are affordable for high school students, and some schools are far and expensive. If there are any good recommendations, preferably online, that would be amazing!

fatima’s Avatar
fatima Nov 10, 2022 93 views

What are the pros and cons of being an architect?

I've had my heart set on being an architect but I just want to know what I'm getting myself into.

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Nov 03, 2022 163 views

architect career?

what can I do to prepare for a career as an architect?

Rene’s Avatar
Rene Oct 31, 2022 136 views

What are the best thing to learn before going into architecture and what are some things to consider when starting my own construction company?

I was thinking of starting my own construction company before going into architecture because I was going to use the money from my company to pay for architecture school.

Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky Apr 04, 2022 203 views

What's the difference between B.Arch, BS.Arch, and M.Arch in college?

I'm a high school senior interested in an architecture major.

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Feb 09, 2022 290 views

I want to study architecture in university and was wondering which universities are the most accredited for architecture?

#architecture #architect

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Feb 09, 2022 133 views

I'm curious about pursuing a career in architecture and was wondering what skills would be good to develop now?

#architect #architecture

Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky Feb 03, 2022 194 views

What is the highest level of math required to become an architect?

I'm a high school senior and I'm interested in becoming an architect. #architect

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Dec 10, 2021 234 views

Are there different types of architects and if so what are they?

#architecture #architect #culinary-arts #culinary-arts #loans

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Nov 08, 2021 305 views

what tips do you have on becoming an architect


Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Nov 05, 2021 212 views

Do any architects play minecraft?

Part of the reason I want to be an architect is because I like building houses in Minecraft. Does that translate at all into the career? #architecture

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Nov 02, 2021 766 views

What is AutoCAD?

I've been looking into architecture as a potential career path and noticed nearly everything related to architecture needs some sort of AutoCAD experience. #architect #architecture #career

Kateryna’s Avatar
Kateryna Feb 25, 2021 896 views

What majors do you need to take to become an architect?

#architect #major

lydarrien’s Avatar
lydarrien Nov 13, 2020 276 views

What would it take to become a Architect?

I'am a sophomore that loves the designing of homes; with the thought of making great places to stay. What do I have to do to pursue this dream? #architect #career

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jun 13, 2020 346 views

Does anyone specialize in building homes for special needs/ disabilities?

I want to specialize in the accessible side of housing. Making structures up to code for people who need ramps, elevators, railings, etc. I am wondering if there is someone out there who does this kind of work. How early did you tell people you wanted to specialize in architecture and how did...