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Zemira Aug 31, 2020 781 views

What is the purpose of a college sorority?

#college #university

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 31, 2020 521 views

What is early action for college admissions?

#college #university

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Zemira Aug 31, 2020 567 views

What are early decisions for college admissions?

#college #college-bound #university

carter’s Avatar
carter Aug 27, 2020 559 views

what college should i go to to be a pilot

#pilot #commercial-pilot #flying

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Taylor Apr 17, 2018 723 views

What are the best law schools in California?

I really want to go to law school but I would love to stay close to my family. Which one should I pick? #school #lawschool #help #college

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ajeet Apr 29, 2016 1024 views

I want to become a NAVY officer so what I do for it? And my family background is bad so ask me how to get scholarship? Please tell me scholarship programs.

I am in 9th class please tell me how could a NAVY officer. And my family background is bad so ask me how to get scholarship? Please tell me scholarship programs. #police #airline-industry #air-force #united-states-navy

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Jessica Jan 23, 2018 1486 views

What is the hardest class in the paralegal program?

I'm going to attend an university to get my bachelors in paralegal studies and I was wondering what I can expect the hardest class/part of being a paralegal is? And did the classes actually help you in your daily job activities? #paralegal #university

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Oct 23, 2015 867 views

when in the navy do you get scholarships for working and also do you get better jobs for working in the navy (when you come out of the navy)

Hi I'm Jacob and I want to make backup plans if the navy does not work out, and I want to know if you can get better jobs and scholarships if you have served in the navy and came out. #navy

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 23, 2018 792 views

When you graduated from the paralegal program how hard was it to find your first job?

How is the job market for paralegals currently? I've heard it's increasing but I was wondering how hard it would be for freshly graduated paralegals to find a job over experienced paralegals? Did you find a job soon after graduation or did you end up having to take a regular job for a while...

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Oct 22, 2015 964 views

What do you need to join the us navy?

Hi my name is Jacob and I'm a 6th grader and I want to follow in my uncles footsteps and be in the us navy but what do you need to join? Do u need a clean record? Or does it not matter #navy

Carson’s Avatar
Carson May 24, 2018 837 views

What would the ideal professor-student relationship look like for recommendation letter status for graduate school?

What is the ideal dynamic between student and professor to ensure a positive recommendation letter in the future? Aside from visiting during office hours, what should I, as an incoming college freshman, do to build that relationship? #professional #professor #student #college-student...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Aug 21, 2018 554 views

Graduate School

Will graduate school be like undergrad where I'm going to school and working on the side, or will it be more like I'm starting my career and finishing school to become a lawyer? #prelaw #law-school

Yukina’s Avatar
Yukina Aug 28, 2018 593 views

As a lawyer, when defending someone who has admitted guilt to you but asks for an innocent plea, how do you defend them? Having to keep it secret due to client confidentiality, does it affect your conscience and morals?

#lawyers #law #lawyer #attorney #law-school #guilty #morals #defend

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Irma Jan 10, 2019 509 views

When becomming a health care lawyer, what courses should a student take that should prepare them for law school and career.

#law #lawyer #law-school #healthcare #college

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Sep 05, 2018 629 views

What are some of the psychological strains of being a lawyer?

I'm sure that there are some because they come with pretty much any job you choose. However, I am interested in becoming a lawyer and would like to know how it would affect me psychologically.
#law #lawyer