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Paul Anthony Dzik

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Ethan Mar 25, 2020 1352 views

With COVID-19 happening, how can I get a job in the following fields: data, analytics, or business?

I am a college freshman who has experience in all three of these fields through internships, research positions, and other leadership opportunities. I'm wondering how the virus will effect me being able to get a job/internship in the future? #COVID-19 #data-science #analytics #data-analytics...

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Dec 01, 2020 8295 views

Is it realistic to work in business fields with a Psychology degree?

I love studying psychology and find that it can help me move forward into becoming a clinical psychologist or academic counselor after undergrad. I find that a degree in psychology may be pretty versatile and would like to use it to explore careers in business as well. I plan on taking business...

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Dec 01, 2020 1780 views

Being successful at a big company

Hello! I will be starting a new software engineering position at a very big company. What are some ways that I can be successful in communicating with others on my team and what are some things to avoid doing?

#programming #technology #CS

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Nov 26, 2020 944 views

Best advice to entering the world of professional consulting?

I am very curious about the consulting industry and have some exposure through my on-campus non-profit consulting club, but would love to learn more about how to prepare for recruiting in the professional consulting realm.
#consulting #curious

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Mar 15, 2019 1148 views

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to DePaul University?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to DePaul University? #college #chicago

Gus’s Avatar
Gus Oct 26, 2020 392 views

What courses should I take in high school

I am unsure what courses I should take in high school and would like to know #high-school

Aowynn’s Avatar
Aowynn Oct 19, 2020 381 views

Do you think going to school for a long time is really worth it?


Anicia’s Avatar
Anicia Nov 05, 2020 1083 views

is it ok to not know what to do after high school?

#high-school #high-school-students #career

armando’s Avatar
armando Oct 26, 2020 345 views

I would like to know what classes to take in college to get exactly what i need to be a computer and information system manager

Im a senior in high school with decent grades. #high-school #manager#computer#technology

isaiah’s Avatar
isaiah Oct 28, 2020 497 views

what is the highest paying major, fresh out of college?

#majors #money

Yazmin’s Avatar
Yazmin Nov 30, 2020 4782 views

What is the difference between the job of a Data Engineer and a Data analytics ?

I am currently applying to internships, and there are two roles available. These roles seem similar, so I am wondering if there is anyone from the industry that can further explain. Thank you. #GivingisCaring #dataengineering #engineering #data