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Gabriel Aug 31, 2021 586 views

What is one of the most important things I have to say in a job interview?

#job #interviews #job-search #job-application

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Linh Nov 07, 2021 338 views

Do you have any tips on getting connections and networking?

I want to pursue a career revolving around business and finance. I know that around this career and life in general, networking and having connections is really important and can be used as an advantage. #business #networking #finance #entrepreneur #connections

John’s Avatar
John Dec 05, 2020 6786 views

What is the difference between an undergraduate and graduate?

Hello, I don't really know/understand what an undergraduate and graduate student is. #student #high school #high-school-students #college-student #undergraduate #graduate

Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 10, 2021 858 views

How do you increase productivity at work?

#accounting #finance

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Iven Oct 01, 2020 918 views

What is business management all about?

I'm a book nerd/worm. #any

jocelyn’s Avatar
jocelyn Nov 04, 2021 356 views

where can I figure out what I want to do for my career and what I want to do

#career-choice #undecided #career-path I need help because I am a senior in high school and will graduate. #stem #career #college

Mhaya’s Avatar
Mhaya Sep 28, 2021 436 views

Should I get a part time job while studying in college?

I am in high school and have a part time job and want to make some money while in college too, what are its pros and cons? #college #job #money

Winona’s Avatar
Winona Nov 04, 2021 338 views

Would I be able to be my own boss, if I majored in business management?

I want to pursue my own business, and I heard that business management could help me reach that goal. #business #entrepreneur #management #business-management #college#collegemajor

Winona’s Avatar
Winona Nov 02, 2021 349 views

What do you when you're a major in Business Management?

#business #entrepreneur #business-management #college-major #management

Karen’s Avatar
Karen May 16, 2018 2279 views

What is a 401K and should I apply for one in my first job?

As I prepare to go into my career, I know insurances and benefits are a huge part of accepting a job. I have never really understood what a 401K is and if I need to apply for it! #401k #insurance #interviews #job-applications

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Jul 31, 2020 634 views

Do I need a license to work in the Insurance field?

I am currently in my second-year of post-secondary in the insurance field. However, I am not too sure if I need some sort of license after I graduate or if a bachelor's degree is good enough. In addition, if I do need a license, can I just do the license while I am still in school? Or do I have...

Scarlett’s Avatar
Scarlett Sep 27, 2021 393 views

Describe your overall experience working in insurance. Is there anything in particular you think it super rewarding working in this field?

#insurance #entrepreneur #business