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Sol Feb 08, 2023 612 views

What is a typical day like for an IT Project Manager?

I think this might be my dream career, and I would really like to see if it is a good fit for me.

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Abbas Sep 28, 2016 2589 views

What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this field/job?

generally what would be the best qualities that regardless all employers look for
#computer-software #management #programming #project-management

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 09, 2017 1270 views

What type of qualifications do I need to become an administrative assistant or manager?

I have basic certifications for Microsoft Office and am attending college for a degree in Information Systems Technology, but I wonder what all I can do with that degree in terms of network management and administration. #management #information-technology #administration #project-management...

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jim Nov 12, 2021 362 views

What are some tips for important things to know about real estate.

I just want to learn more about real estate and making money in general #realestate

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carlos Nov 12, 2021 699 views

is photography easy

like is #photography easy than it look like or is it hard

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Nov 13, 2021 724 views

What are some engineering jobs?

#engineering #engineer

Raymundo’s Avatar
Raymundo Nov 02, 2021 562 views

What should I do after high school?

I want to be a entrepreneur, make multiple streams of income mostly passive. #income #entrepreneur

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Silquasha Nov 04, 2021 978 views

What was your inspiration for taking your position as a pharmacy technician?

I'm a student interested in Pharmacy Tech ?
#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmacy-tech #chemistry

iyanna’s Avatar
iyanna Nov 08, 2021 411 views

Are there any tips you can give regarding becoming a Neuropsychologists?

Whats the career like? what motivated you to want to choose this particular career path? #career-path #professional #career

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis Nov 12, 2021 486 views

What are the odds of me getting a job as a Real Estate Agent

#real-estate #career #highschooler #scholar

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Nov 12, 2021 803 views

If I wanted to be a lawyer and professional orchestral musician, what are some schools I should look at and how should I go about that with the college process?

I’m a junior in high school that plays classical cello and wants to pursue law. I want to double-major in music performance and either a major that’ll help me with law or doing a pre-law program. I want to look outside of conservatory-ivy league partnerships. #music #law #lawyer #college...

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Martha Aug 16, 2019 528 views

How will my coworkers be in my job?