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Jordan Cheung

Software Engineer
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
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Dennis Aug 10, 2022 220 views

Overhead power line construction

Whats the most challenging part of the job on a daily basis?
Mental chalenges or physical?

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Monique Jul 28, 2022 142 views


How is the service as an orthodontist?

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Duranah Aug 12, 2022 316 views

how much do medical assistants make?

I plan to work in the medical field

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Shameek Jun 30, 2021 280 views

Is music a career

I'm #career-choice a 16 year old boy trying to find a career that fits me #job #internship

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Ian Apr 05, 2019 455 views

Job entry/internship for late starters

I'm a 27 year old second year undergraduate student. With no related work experience, how's it possible for me to get a #job or #internship in data science, machine learning or related fields (currently in Berlin)?

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Kaylee Jul 08, 2021 315 views

what are some things that i can do with this application?

I am working my first job and it redirected me to this website so I wanted to do what I can #job #internship do with this app and how it can help me do better at my job.

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Anna Jul 01, 2021 415 views

Internship in FBI

Is it possible to get an internship in FBI while I am undergraduate. If so what are the criteria for getting an internship and how long it will take. And also can I get a job in FBI after I graduate . #intern #internship #fbiagent#criminaljustice

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Fuhad Feb 14, 2020 850 views

What is the best way to get work experience

#internship I'm currently searching for work experience placements in finance and business.

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karem Aug 30, 2019 315 views

what are employers looking in welding?

I am currently attending welding vocational in school David.Carrasco #internship

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Cera Aug 09, 2022 333 views

Things to Research About Colleges

I've been looking at colleges for a while now trying to narrow down what one I'd like to go to. I just want to see what kinds of things to look for that make one college better than the other. I plan on living in the dorms, so I'll definitely look at those, but other than that (and the fact...

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Quinn May 18, 2016 739 views

What is the best way to find internships?

I would like to have an internship next summer and thought I should start looking now. #internship

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Alantis Jul 08, 2022 399 views

Concerning internships in college

When will be a good time in my college career to look for internship?

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Daniel Jul 28, 2022 232 views

Does working in Cyber Security give you more or less time for your life

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would like to know if and how working in Cyber Security has affected your time work-wise and socially. (e.g: work hours/free time)

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

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Sona Aug 26, 2021 311 views

What internships are good to start with fro 2D animation for high schoolers

#animation #art internships #internship #art

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Ryan May 27, 2022 421 views

What is the difference between these 2 jobs?

Hi im thinking about being a software developer but I keep on seeing software engineer. What are the cons and pros of a software engineer vs a software developer? Also thank you for all the help you guys have given me especially Randy Tolentino.