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Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Oct 31, 2022 491 views

What type of preparation would be good for a high school English teacher?

What type of classes would be useful to be prepared to teach?

Gladys’s Avatar
Gladys Nov 02, 2022 376 views

What should I do when a student isn't getting the proper education they should?

How should I know that a student is getting the proper education without being annoying, offensive, or way too curious, even though it is my jobs to make sure they do have that education.

Pritika’s Avatar
Pritika Oct 31, 2022 456 views

What is the best way to figure out what career is right for me? #Fall22

Growing up as a teenager, I always thought that having to do one job for the rest of my life would be monotonous. I have switched career paths constantly. My first idea was to become a flight attendant , then a nutritionist , and then a FBI agent —maybe even all three at once. I believe the...

Maram’s Avatar
Maram Oct 29, 2022 479 views

How could I achieve my goals , I have two sides who tells me finish your school and my other side says that I have to stop?

How could I achieve my goals , I have two sides who tells me finish your school and my other side says that I have to stop?

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Oct 04, 2022 822 views

Is it hard to become a Elementary school teacher ?

I want to become a elementary school teacher

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Oct 13, 2022 518 views

How many years of experience does it take before you can officially be a music teacher?

I'm looking to go to college at Baldwin Wallace, how many years after I graduate would I need to student teach before I could become a teacher myself.

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 15, 2016 898 views

Is teaching the only thing you can do with an education degree?

Education wasn't my intended major when I first started applying to colleges. I'm confident I'll enjoy teaching, but was wondering if an education degree would be able to extend elsewhere. #educator #administration

keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana Jun 21, 2016 1754 views

what i want to become in my future?

i am thinking to be IIS police officer so what your suggestion to make my job perfect? #teacher #students

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Oct 27, 2022 303 views

Classes in the future?

How will my classes be determined in college?

Victory’s Avatar
Victory Sep 28, 2022 527 views

What careers pay the most?

I would like to know so that I can force myself into the career.

jose’s Avatar
jose Sep 29, 2022 516 views

how do I make 100k plus every month?

how do I make millions I want to make insane amounts of money per month 100k plus

khadija’s Avatar
khadija Sep 29, 2022 482 views

do uou know a career that involves cs ,biology and art?

more specifically these subjects/ interests:
computer science, art\ drawing, creative artistic aspects in general, English literature?
yeah thats it! i dont need all the inntrests just a few

jamal’s Avatar
jamal Sep 29, 2022 440 views

how hard is aviation?

how hard is it to be qualified to fly in the navy force or to fly for commercial or the u.s? army

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Sep 29, 2022 485 views

What are some ways I can balance football and my school work at the same time?

I am a sophomore attending Rock Hill High and I play football for my school, I got covid my 2nd week into school and got behind in a lot of work. I've been trying to catch up on my work and ask questions on my work and everything but it just seems to get harder and harder.

Mackenzie’s Avatar
Mackenzie Sep 26, 2022 440 views

Career Help

What can you do to help navigate you more in the right field when there are two careers you would like to major in but they are totally different ?