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Thomas O'Shea

Music Producer, Composer, Live Sound Engineer, Musician
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Production Occupations
Madison, Wisconsin
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Kynleigh’s Avatar
Kynleigh Nov 10, 2023 530 views

What is the best way to establish yourself in the music industry as an artist?

what are some events that you recommend attending?
Things you recommend doing?

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Aug 14, 2023 611 views

How do I proceed when I have a lot of possible careers but not enough experience in any to work full-time?

I realized late into my college experience that I didn't want to work a math job at all so I finished out my Math degree and am now struggling to find a full-time job I feel qualified for. I have a list of 5 or so potential careers (Including but not limited to: Singer-Songwriter, Writer,...

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Aug 14, 2023 308 views

How do I make money as a film major?

How do I make money as a film major?

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Feb 23, 2023 393 views

If I want to have a professional Broadway career, is a musical theatre major necessary?

One of my dreams is to perform on Broadway, but I don't know how stable it would be to major in musical theatre. I'd like to have a job where I can earn a decent income, so would it be better for me to get a degree in something I know I'd be able to get a job in and then try to audition for shows?

River’s Avatar
River Aug 10, 2023 526 views

Major and minor in different subjects?

Is it possible to major in biology and minor in musical theater at a college that offers both of these classes? I really want to go into the medical field but I've been doing musical theater for 7 years and want to keep doing it during college. im even open to considering musical theater as a...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Aug 06, 2021 585 views

Fastest way to enter music industry?

Self taught motivated music producer #music-production #music-industry #music

ava’s Avatar
ava Aug 08, 2023 427 views

what can I do to help myself ?

I want to learn music production. I cannot afford to go to a music and wasn’t able to get into a music school because I am still a beginner. I have 4 fully produced songs but I still feel like I am lacking the knowledge and skills. I don’t have experience but I am looking for some guidance.

Evay’s Avatar
Evay Aug 08, 2023 726 views

what made you want to become a lawyer,teacher,artist etc?

Is there a person who inspired you?

How was your college experience?

Erik’s Avatar
Erik Feb 15, 2017 916 views

How easy is it to play a drum kit

Is it fairly easy to play a drum kit #music #music-production

Erik’s Avatar
Erik Feb 15, 2017 817 views

What kind of schools are there for entepreneurs and musicians?

I want to know if there are programs or schools to go to #music #music-production

divya’s Avatar
divya May 02, 2016 1040 views

I'm interested in becoming a music composer. Which subject should I study?

Hai I am Divya and I am seriously interested in this aim. #professional #music #career #college #music-production

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Mar 01, 2016 1396 views

How can I become a music producer?

Thank you in advance for your advice. #music #music-production

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Jul 23, 2023 262 views

How do I fit the music I make to the style I like?

For more context I really enjoy indie, punk, and alternative rock but cant seem to make my own music like that.

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Mar 09, 2023 518 views

Why do Music-producers make so much money?

what are the steps that they've done to become who they are

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jul 19, 2022 598 views

What are the steps to become a successful music producer?

Thank you for the advice! I am in highschool