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Lilian Dec 23, 2016 8005 views

What's is a good minor that goes well with business?

I really want to explore other fields and I possibly would want to minor in a subject that can compliment my business major. #business

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Manoj Jun 23, 2016 781 views


I because others opinion

Malinda’s Avatar
Malinda May 20, 2016 4230 views

Is an xray tech a good choice for a career?

Im planning to become an xray tech.

Neha’s Avatar
Neha Apr 28, 2016 1415 views

I want to become a Photographer

Please suggest me what to do #any

Safa’s Avatar
Safa Jun 24, 2016 2402 views

How can I become fluent in the English language?

want to improve my English #english #language #public-speaking #english-grammar

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 22, 2016 1937 views

What are important characteristics of a lawyer?

I was curious about the desirable traits of a lawyer. #law #lawyer #law-enforcement #law-school

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby Jul 21, 2016 1273 views

How to stay awake?

Junior year is fast approaching, and I've been having trouble with sleep. Not getting to sleep, no, but waking up. During the school year in particular, if I am tired I will drop dead asleep. No exceptions. This often leaves work unfinished and/or causes lateness the following morning. How do I...

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus May 26, 2016 1151 views

Is it really worth going to college?

I'm still wondering if i should go to college but college is a lot of money and I don't have money. #college

Jeevika’s Avatar
Jeevika Apr 28, 2016 1391 views

How to speak in English ?

Hai ! I want to speak in English but I do know How to speak in English . Pls help me with any websites, courses, or any classes to Join to get fluency. #teaching #teacher #professor #student #educator #english

shalini’s Avatar
shalini Jun 23, 2016 726 views

I wanted to become a nurse to do the social service in health sector? which subject and course is good?

i wanted to help the poor and to do the social service and spend my life with health field #doctor #nursing #social

sree’s Avatar
sree Jun 23, 2016 1239 views

I want to become an actor?

my school also sponsors plays and am a part of my school's acting group and so want to make acting as my career,need suggestions regarding my career plans. #acting #arts #theatre #literature #plays

Suyash’s Avatar
Suyash Jun 23, 2016 1260 views

MS vs MBA.. Which one has more job opportunities in foreign countries. I am from India

Want to know job opportunities in abroad #finance #accounting #masters #advertising #mba #mba-writing #ms-project

amreen’s Avatar
amreen Jun 23, 2016 688 views

what do i have to study to pursue a career in nutrition?

i want to become a nutritionist but clueless about its study...need guidance.