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Harshitha Sep 17, 2023 835 views

Is it advisable to include an "Interests" section on my resume as an experienced professional with a master's degree. Would this addition be perceived as unprofessional, considering it delves into aspects beyond my technical skills and qualifications??

Please guide me here. I just want to explore different approaches.

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Harshitha Aug 10, 2023 591 views

What are the platforms available for creating a personal portfolio website with a custom domain (

Is it considered unconventional to use platforms like Wix or WordPress for creating a portfolio? I'm interested in building my own website, so I'm seeking suggestions for suitable platforms. Any recommendations are welcome.

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Harshitha Aug 05, 2023 622 views

As an ex-employee of XYZ Company, while applying for a new role within the same organization, what can I add in the summary/objective section in my resume- to showcase how I can bring value to the organization with my new accomplishments and also as an ex-employee?

Seeking help from professionals who have already traversed this path. Is it a good idea to mention in the Resume's Objective/Summary section that being an ex-employee how I can add value with my previous work and recent master's degree experience? How to skillfully craft the Objective in this...

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Harshitha Jul 30, 2023 358 views

Being passionate about coding, I'm eager to embark on a MERN Stack Project - a full-stack web development endeavor. My main goal is to find valuable resources that can guide me in creating full stack projects. Currently, I'm exploring platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, and various other online learning resources. If you have any additional suggestions, I would be more than open to hearing them.

I appreciate any creative project ideas to be showcased on resume.

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Harshitha Jul 14, 2023 403 views

I would like to hear from those who have already attended the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). Your opinions and tips on how to prepare for this significant event would be highly valuable to me. While I am already watching various reviews on YouTube, I believe this platform can provide additional insights and guidance. I appreciate any guidance you can provide.?

I welcome and appreciate any assistance provided here.

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Harshitha Jul 12, 2023 321 views

As I embark on my job search preparation, I'm utilizing Leetcode to enhance my DSA and coding skills, as well as problem-solving abilities. As many successful job seekers have already walked this path, I'm seeking your guidance on how to effectively utilize Leetcode for enhancing my coding skills and solving challenging interview questions. What strategies or tips can you share to help me make the most of my Leetcode journey?

As a beginner in the job search process, I highly value any guidance or advice you can provide. I'm eager to learn and open to any insights or tips you can share to help me navigate this journey successfully.

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Harshitha Jul 11, 2023 375 views

How can I smartly navigate the job search process to increase my chances of securing a job?

As a Computer Science graduate student with 3.5 years of work experience as a Software Engineer, I am actively seeking a fall internship or full-time job opportunity. However, I have been facing rejections on a daily basis. I am looking for suggestions and guidance on how to smartly navigate...