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courtney’s Avatar
courtney Jan 07 480 views

Is there anything a psychiatrist would tell someone interested in being a psychiatrist?

Is there anything that you wish someone had told you before you decided to become a psychiatrist? Is there anything that might potentially deter anyone from becoming a psychiatrist?

Jayleen’s Avatar
Jayleen Nov 26, 2023 428 views

What are the negative effects of being a psychiatrist?

Are there any things that some people may regret after becoming a psychiatrist?

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Nov 19, 2023 471 views

What should I know as someone that's wants to be a psychiatrist ?

What is like being a psychiatrist? Is it a good paying job? What college did you attend to become e a psychiatrist? Do you enjoy your job? Is your job difficult?

Joe’s Avatar
Joe Oct 19, 2023 333 views

Why am I not accepted?

Why was I not accepted into Harvard? I have a 4.0 GPA, did debate and speech all throughout high school, and aced all my AP exams. What did I do wrong?

Deacon’s Avatar
Deacon Oct 06, 2023 273 views

What should an aspiring psychiatrist expect college workloads to be like?

How intensive should I expect college classes and workloads to be, and how much would a doctorate cost?

Deacon’s Avatar
Deacon Oct 06, 2023 279 views

How rewarding do you find psychiatry as a job?

How do rewarding is psychiatry for the doctor? There is the aspect of helping others that can be incredibly rewarding to do, but what other parts of the job are rewarding or beneficial for both doctor and patient?

Deacon’s Avatar
Deacon Oct 06, 2023 1024 views

What classes would you recommend and aspiring psychiatrist to take?

I am a 15 year old student of Spectrum High school who aspires to become a psychiatrist. What classes could I take now to better prepare myself for college?

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 29, 2023 297 views

How involved in the treatment of patients are psychiatrists?

Do they simply diagnose and/or prescribe treatment? Or do they directly partake in the treatment process, too, like doing talk therapy? I'm looking into psychologists and psychiatrists and both are appealing to me, but I want to be able to be involved in the treatment and be able to aid in...

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 26, 2023 1451 views

what does the typical day in the life of a psychiatrist look like?

what are the tasks like? what are the goods and bads that happen frequently or have the potential to happen?

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Sep 26, 2023 252 views

How do I get into med school I am in college for business management but I realized that I wanna do MBBS and I didn't take biology in high school can someone please help me ?

I am in last year of the degree but I am not sure if I can do MBBS as
I didn't take biology I am a bit worried

James’s Avatar
James Sep 18, 2023 302 views

How tough is medical school?

How tough is medical school? I’ve been skeptic about going here, not just a price, but how difficult it is. Is it really that difficult? I’m up for any challenge, but I am not good with sleepless nights.

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Sep 12, 2023 233 views

Are there times when your patients become physically violent?

i would like to know this so if someone becomes overly agitated i can be prepared for it.

Chad’s Avatar
Chad Sep 10, 2023 354 views

How do therapist handle their patients issues?

I would like to become a therapist. I’m 17. I’m in high school and I like helping people. I’m also very empathetic towards others and selfless.

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Sep 10, 2023 465 views

Any tips for medschool?

How do you recommend preparing for college and does anyone have any study tip on how to make it feel less of a drag and make it stay in our mind better?

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Aug 30, 2023 8282 views

Can I go to medical school without studying pre-med in college?

I'm an 11th grade high school student who is interested in the medical field.