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mel Sep 08 326 views

Getting a good job...?

Is having a bachelors degree enough to get a good, stable job? (I'm thinking of majoring in computer information)

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Sep 10 153 views

How did you realize this was the career for you?

Was there anything that helped you decide in high school or in college?

Emile’s Avatar
Emile Sep 12 126 views

How can I get a job in cybersecurity before I graduate and what steps should I begin taking?

I am a first-year community college student.
I like video games

Gio’s Avatar
Gio Sep 10 119 views

How do I know when and how to get started on my career path?

I want to learn how to start getting attributes with jobs manual labor jobs.

Nio’s Avatar
Nio Sep 11 413 views

How do you fight the urge to "rest on your laurels" and instead consistently seek to make your company better?

I'm a senior at Georgia Southern University studying finance. I have considered pursuing a career in either financial analysis or financial planning, but I think I'm leaning more toward the analysis route.

hadassa’s Avatar
hadassa Sep 11 107 views

how do i find out what college to go to?

hi i am hadassa i am in grade 10 and i have no clue what college to go to or what i wanna do in my future. i really need some help on that. i really love to act and i love to sing and i love musicals so where would i fit in the most?

charlotte’s Avatar
charlotte Sep 11 175 views

how do i find a intership during college?

I want to know how to find an internship when in college to help me be able to learn more about a career and to have an advantage when applyin to jobs later on

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Sep 12 220 views

How to write a RESUME ?

How do i write a resume

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Sep 12 388 views

What's the best way to decide what I need to do with my life?

I used to know exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a doctor, but then I wrote a play and now my entire life plan has changed. What is the best way to figure out what will actually be my best bet?

Lycia’s Avatar
Lycia Sep 12 238 views

Was going for a job that you're passionate about worth it in the end?

If you choose your job based on passions, do you personally believe it was worth the time and money you put in to do so, especially if the job was lower paying than other jobs you decided against to follow your passion.

abby’s Avatar
abby Sep 12 191 views

How Do i know what to do after college?

I’m a high school senior and super scared and unprepared for the future

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Nov 05, 2020 669 views

How do I decide what career is flexible and functional?

I'm a junior student attending Miyamura High School and I am looking for a career plan that flexible #career-choice #future-careers yet functional. My plans are to go into construction but I enjoy technology and medical and would like to considered those options. #technology #Medical

Finn’s Avatar
Finn Dec 02, 2022 502 views

What are some jobs of the future that may not even fully exist yet?

I'm wondering if there are any jobs that could become hugely relevant that we don't fully know about yet, like how tech work became popular.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Oct 13, 2022 513 views

Career Planning

How should I begin managing my future in preparing steps to take before college and after?

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Aug 29 162 views

What can I do now that can help my future?

What is something I can do now that will help me in the future? Anything from massages to learning advanced skills from an early age, whatever applies to my future.