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Paul Treuhaft, MD, MA

Retired surgeon who replaced hips and knees
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Santa Rosa, California
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Gipsaris May 21 190 views

would it be worth it to become a neurosurgeon?

I've been thinking recently ever since I decided that I wanted to be a neurosurgeon a few months ago, would the job really be worth it? sure they get paid a lot, but the hours would be excruciating. Not only that but the training they have is extremely difficult and intense. It'll also take a...

kumi’s Avatar
kumi Mar 25 398 views

What kind of traits should you have if you want to get into cardiothoracic surgery? ?

Grade 11, favorite class chemistry,

Maimouna’s Avatar
Maimouna Mar 17 631 views

nursing or internal medicine doctor ?

I was wondering is internal medicine doctor better then LPN in salary & skills ?
Also how long does it take to become a Internal Medicine, and what degrees and license are required ?

ava’s Avatar
ava Mar 08 388 views

how long do you have to shadow other doctors to become a neurologist?

and does it have to be at the hospital you want to be at?

Kadijah’s Avatar
Kadijah Mar 05 485 views

How can I create a good and right study schedule to get good grades and scholarship to my dream college for medical school ?

Hi, I'm a high school student; and I will be graduating next year. I always wanted to be a doctor and I still want to be ; now a surgeon. I want to follow my dreams, but I just can't find my passion. Please can you give me advices on how to know what I really have passion for, and to study...

Jiddah’s Avatar
Jiddah Mar 03 590 views

What do I do to become a successful Doctor in feature?

How can I become a successful female doctor at the age of 13 while being in grade 8th of my school, and being the only source of pride to my parents I would like to be successful at my ambition to become a medical doctor.

Steve’s Avatar
Steve Mar 01 512 views

Why are you choosing doctor occupation?

That was my childhood dream

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Feb 29 275 views

Why are you once to be a doctor ?

That was my childhood dream

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Feb 24 483 views

What medical field can I jump into?

Hello, I am a college student that has been attending college for nearly a decade without an associate's due to indecisiveness. With 5 years of pharm tech experience and wanting to stay in medical, any suggestions on what to pursue? Preferably within the medical field that's not nursing....

Ebrahim’s Avatar
Ebrahim Feb 23 1130 views

What is better doctor or pilot?

Please give me suggestion

Molly’s Avatar
Molly Jan 07 756 views

How do I get into athletic training?

I am a sophomore in highschool and I am highly interested in sports medicine, more specifically athletic training. I don't know where to even begin for this profession and am looking for guidance!

Anastasia’s Avatar
Anastasia Jan 05 553 views

What age can i start to go to school to be a dermatoligist?

what age can I start studing ti be a dermatologist?

Hailee’s Avatar
Hailee Dec 09, 2023 535 views

How would I become a doctor?

I’m 14 and I’m a freshman how would I become a doctor how many years of collage is there anyway I could get some scholarships being a freshman.

zara’s Avatar
zara Nov 29, 2023 685 views

how do doctors make money?

medical field questions for doctors

Ashlyn’s Avatar
Ashlyn Nov 24, 2023 336 views

How do I become a good pediatrician?

I don't know how I would calm a kid down if he doesn't like doctors