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duncan’s Avatar
duncan May 10 285 views

how to accomplish my dreams ?

after i finish the school

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel May 10 381 views

How do i start learning about cybersecurity?

I really need help

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas May 10 150 views

How can I be very successful ?

Please how can you help me be a professional person

tyler’s Avatar
tyler Apr 26 325 views

what is the biggest achievement one can get?

am good with data, where can i work

Emmalee’s Avatar
Emmalee Apr 26 298 views

I want to go to college for nursing but I am 21. What do I do to get there?

I am 21 years old and live in San Jose. I want to finish my Medical Assisting Program, but I want to be a nurse. I am looking and can't find anything very helpful. Any advice?

jayden’s Avatar
jayden Apr 17 190 views

Is a bachelors degree in sociology an employable degree ?

I’m interested in pursuing sociology but i’m nervous about its employability. What types of jobs are available and what salaries should i expect.

victoria’s Avatar
victoria Mar 04 373 views

Will an Administrative Assistant job be beneficial to my schedule?

What does the schedule look like?

victoria’s Avatar
victoria Mar 04 484 views

Will I be comfortable in an Administrative Assistant job?

Will I be recognized for my hard work and given the right tools to do my job correctly?