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Josephine Jul 16, 2017 1117 views

What are some common problems people have that can be solved with mobile apps?

Hi everyone, I wanted to know what are some problems you have experienced before because I am interested in creating a unique app, through coding, targeted to solving some of your problems. However, I am stuck and would like to know some of your input. #tech #technology #science #coding...

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Josephine Jun 23, 2017 2179 views

Best method to studying for SAT and ACT at the same time?

I am planning to take the ACT in September and SAT in October and I would like to know how I can study for both simultaneously and receive the best scores I possibly can. Any advice? Have any of you done the same before? #college #testing #ivy-league #sat #act

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Josephine Jun 03, 2017 1054 views

Is it possible to be accepted into competitive art schools without art extracirriculars?

Not that I necessarily want to go to an art school, but I would like to look at all possible options. I have always loved art and am self taught--where though I never had lessons or took classes, I was able to be accepted to a competitive high school to study art. However, I chose to go to a...

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Josephine Jun 03, 2017 1051 views

If you want to be a veterinarian, how many years of schooling would that be?

Would it be the same amount of years as becoming a doctor? Can you go to regular colleges for education and then proceed to med schools? -- I was just wondering since I have always loved animals though I have never really considered it as a career (or a number one choice of a career)....

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Josephine Jun 02, 2017 1669 views

Is it bad to have TOO many extracurriculars on the college app?

Although I am not applying to college yet, I am involved in many extracirriculars because I have a lot of different interests that may not relate to each other like singing, drawing, science, writing, etc. If I continue to do all these extracirriculars (simply because I will enjoy them), would...

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Josephine May 25, 2017 1023 views

What is the best way to self study for SATs and ACTs over the summer?

I'm planning on taking the SAT and ACT after the summer and I am planing to self study. What are some of the most effective ways of studying and what are some tips so that I can do well? Which is less challenging one in your opinion? #college #science #math #writing #testing #sat

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Josephine May 25, 2017 1091 views

If you know coding, what high paying jobs are there?

I will be doing a coding internship over the summer and I was wondering if someone was to pursue it, what jobs can they land and if it gives good pay? #tech #coding #computers

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Josephine May 17, 2017 1631 views

How is studying abroad?

When I go to college I would like to study abroad, most likely in Europe or Australia. If anyone has ever studied abroad, what was your experience? Did you make a lot of friends? Was it scary? How expensive? #college #school #travel #study #abroad #world #europe #vacation

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Josephine May 17, 2017 1456 views

Would it be hard to pursue a career that you did not major in in college? Can they do it?

Hi, I was just wondering if someone were to change their career path to a whole new field and did not figure it out until after they graduated, can they still get a great job and they would love? #college #career #major

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Josephine May 16, 2017 1127 views

How do you get to work at Google or any other major companies?

I'm very curious and hope it's as nice as it seems. Also, how much would they pay? #tech #google #career-details #financial-planning

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Josephine May 16, 2017 1081 views

Is there a career that combines technology and scientific research?

I'm very interested in both careers and am lost as to which I would like to pursue. #science #tech #career-details

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Josephine May 07, 2017 1446 views

Jobs in science?

What are some jobs in science that don't require being stuck in a lab all day yet can also pay well for women?

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Josephine Apr 27, 2017 1827 views

Unsure about future career?

Hi, I'm currently a sophomore in High School and I'm very indecisive on what career I want to pursue in life because my main interests are split between science and writing. How can I decide? #career #science #writing #english #undecided