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monika’s Avatar
monika May 05, 2016 1084 views

What courses should I take to become a civil engineer?

I have completed 10th std. What courses should I take to become a civil engineer? #engineering #educator #civil-engineering #career #career-counseling

Meilin’s Avatar
Meilin Sep 29, 2017 854 views

As someone with an interest in Environmental Engineering, what kind of steps can I take in high school to further my exposure?

My future occupation is to become an Environmental Engineer. I want to help create new solutions that will make a lasting impact on our environment, and I am willing to take the necessary steps to get there. #environmental-engineering #lasting-impact

Joanna’s Avatar
Joanna Sep 01, 2017 1752 views

I really liked my AP Environmental Science class. What kind of job can I get if I'm interested in that type of program?

#environment #environmental-science #environmental-services #environmental

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Sep 01, 2017 1244 views

Is Civil Engineer the right path for me?

I have always enjoyed the amazing skyscrapers and all the neat structures and designs created by Civil engineers. I also really love to travel and explore and hope that as a Civil engineer I can accomplish both my dreams of participating in designing these grand structures and traveling....

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Aug 31, 2017 715 views

What types of jobs can an environmental engineering major get right out of college?

I'm really interested in the field, but I have not been able to find what jobs they specifically do.

Brett’s Avatar
Brett Oct 26, 2016 1030 views

What is the daily life of a Structural Engineer and is it a good field to get into? And why?

I am planning on achieving a bachelors degree in Structural Engineering. It sounds like it is a career that would interest me but I'd like to find a little more out about the job. #civil-engineering #bachelors-degree #civil

Israt’s Avatar
Israt Oct 30, 2016 1188 views

What's the typical day of an environmental engineer like?

I'm interested in becoming one, but I hope it's not centered around anything boring, like paperwork. #engineering #environmental-science #environmental-engineering

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Oct 26, 2016 849 views

What are big civil engineering companies? Where do they take interns?

I have been interested in becoming a civil engineer for 6 years now, i am dual enrolling my classes at a university, and i am going to apply to colleges in a year, but i want to know what businesses go to which colleges for interns and such. #internships #civil-engineering #women-in-stem...

Kris’s Avatar
Kris Oct 28, 2016 710 views

What is a day like for a civil engineer?

I am asking this question because I do not believe i know what an engineer does fully. I would want to know what they do day by day and how they help with the community. #civil-engineering

Krissy’s Avatar
Krissy Oct 28, 2016 1221 views

What is a day in the life of a civil engineer like?

I am asking this question to understand more of what you do as an engineer and how it helps out the community by designing or building things that civil engineers do. #civil-engineering

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Oct 31, 2016 728 views

When pursuing a career in Civil Engineering is better to specialize in one specific topic, or to have a broader overview?

I know that civil engineering is just a basic overview of most types of engineering, but i don't know if getting a degree in just generic civil engineering is better than a degree in a specific area of civil engineering. #civil-engineering

Israt’s Avatar
Israt Oct 30, 2016 1182 views

As an environmental engineer, do you feel as useful as you thought you would before you chose the career?

The reason I'd like to pursue a career in environmental science is because I am genuinely passionate about being educated about the ways in which I can improve our environment. I'm curious as to whether or not most environmental engineers fulfill this passion during their careers....

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Oct 31, 2016 1063 views

What are some clubs or activities you would recommend for college experience if I want to be an engineer?

Wondering which extracurricular activities might look best on a resume once I graduate college for an engineering career. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering #architecture #structural-engineering #architectural-engineering

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Oct 30, 2016 1091 views

What courses will I have to take if I major in engineering in general? and specifically what about aerospace and civil engineering?

I'm interested in studying engineering and what to know what courses I might have to take. #engineering #college-major #civil-engineering #aerospace-engineering #college-selection

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 30, 2016 3630 views

What types of companies are looking for civil engineers?

Also list company names if possible #engineering #civil-engineering