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Carrollton, Kentucky

Within 40 mile radius
Cherokee’s Avatar
Cherokee Sep 05, 2018 763 views

What is the daily routine of a scare actor?

#acting #actor #performance #theater #actors #film #art # #film-acting #movies

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna Sep 05, 2018 932 views

What are a few realistic jobs that involve traveling around the world?

I highly enjoy traveling and was wondering if there are any jobs where traveling could be a frequent activity. #travel #career

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 05, 2018 2156 views

What are some facts about being a chef

#chef #culinary #culinary-arts #cooking

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Sep 05, 2018 577 views

What does the day in the life of a vetrinarian consist of?

How does being a Vet affect everday life? #animal-health #veterinarian #dayinthelife

Jayda’s Avatar
Jayda Sep 04, 2018 735 views

When being an Orthodontist,how many years of college do you have to take?

Im wanting to k #College

abi’s Avatar
abi Sep 04, 2018 556 views

What's the salary of professional singers in LA?

#singer #salary

William’s Avatar
William Sep 04, 2018 625 views

United States Navy Seabee

What should I do education wise, to become a seabee? #military #career #navy

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Sep 04, 2018 685 views

Is studing law boring?

I figure that it will be very hard, but will it be extremely boring and, therefore, hard to complete?
#law #lawyer #college #law-school

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Sep 04, 2018 617 views

IT engineer.

How much does it pay. #IT #Engineering #engineer

Natasha’s Avatar
Natasha Sep 04, 2018 523 views

When is a good time to start college?

#school #college

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Sep 04, 2018 622 views

what are lawyers payed


Whats the difference between beginners and advanced lawyers

Natasha’s Avatar
Natasha Sep 04, 2018 570 views

When do i want to go to school?

Do i want to go to college right after school or do i even want to go to college? #school #college

brayden’s Avatar
brayden Sep 04, 2018 668 views

How can I become an engineer for motorcycle companies?

I've got an A in math, and I'm one of the most creative people I know.

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Sep 04, 2018 775 views

What is a good college to go to?

What college are better to fit my comfort? Is there any close colleges? What college helps the best? Is it within my range of learning? #college-advice #college-selection #college-bound #student #college

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Sep 04, 2018 688 views

What do I need to do in order to be ready for the line of service?

What do I need to do in order to be ready for the line of service? #Services #Military

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