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Clarksville, Tennessee

Within 40 mile radius
jordan’s Avatar
jordan May 21 316 views

where can i get good career advice?

career advice tips

Aden’s Avatar
Aden Feb 21 429 views

How do I get into the field?

I am a senior in highschool

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Dec 18, 2023 444 views

How is the market behind real estate?

How is the market behind real estate?

Axel’s Avatar
Axel Oct 29, 2023 316 views

What classes should I take in high school if I dream of becoming an orthodontist?

I want to make sure I take the right classes in order to be accepted into the right college.

tiphanie’s Avatar
tiphanie Oct 06, 2023 1139 views

Why is college important?

Why is school important?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Jul 15, 2023 513 views

How do I become a Cybersecurity analyst?

How can I get started to become a cybersecurity analyst? What steps do I need to take to become a well round Cybersecurity Specialist? I am going through a career change.

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jul 08, 2023 280 views

What to do while preparing for college?

High school senior

emma’s Avatar
emma Apr 17, 2023 299 views

What is the best way for me to start my career as a mortician?

I have applied for mortuary school, but don't know where to go from there.

Jahmiracle’s Avatar
Jahmiracle Mar 22, 2023 269 views

how to dunk?

how to dunk

Kaden’s Avatar
Kaden Sep 02, 2022 375 views

Future job?

One Job that that I wouldn't mind doing to pay off the bills would be to work as a linemen. My friend recently graduated from a linemen's school and it seems to be a really good job with a very rewarding pay. It's a lot of hard work but I would have the chance to travel around the United...

angel’s Avatar
angel Aug 30, 2022 455 views

what are some of the best things to do to become a lawyer?

I've always been so intrigued by the cases that lawyers have to deal with but the problem is that I'm not sure how to become one. i would just like more knowledge on it.

Holton’s Avatar
Holton Aug 17, 2022 438 views

How can I get connections in the field of commercials and voice acting?

What is a good way to get connections in the field of commercials and voice acting? Any tips regarding that field would be great.

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Aug 17, 2022 361 views

What to choose for Welding Career/what are the different Welding options

I'm trying to go into welding for my career and I'm not quite sure exactly which kind I should try, and I would just like to know what my options are from someone else's perspective about the pay, the hard work ,and how often and enjoyable each one could be and not from off the internet

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 17, 2022 592 views


What does it take to become a mechanical engineer? What do they do? Is it difficult job?

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Sep 06, 2021 575 views

How can I fine "the" job for me?

I'm wondering what key things you should look for when looking for the perfect job for yourself #job-search #job #internship

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