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Denison, Iowa

Within 40 mile radius
Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah May 21, 2016 1234 views

How hard is it to double major/minor?

Would it be too much to double major or double minor? #college #majors #double-major

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah May 21, 2016 1270 views

Is eight classes a semester too much?

How hard would it be to complete eight classes a semester? #college #classes

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Mar 15, 2019 339 views

What is the demand for new workers in the field of the Carpentry trade?

#career #job #civil-engineering

Reyana’s Avatar
Reyana Dec 05, 2018 274 views

As a Nurse Practioner can you expect something diferent each day ?

I am currently in school to get my certification for CNA. My ultimate goa is become a Nurse Practitioner, I know the steps I need to take to get there. I would like more information about how it is day to day to see if this is actually something I am fit to do as a career. #nurse #healthcare...

KeOndra’s Avatar
KeOndra Feb 27, 2019 571 views

What do I have to do to own my own business ?

#business #business-management #finance #small-business #entrepreneur

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Mar 15, 2019 355 views

Are the working conditions following standard protocall?

#work #career #ethic

geoffery’s Avatar
geoffery Dec 19, 2018 694 views

What does a typical day as a architect like?

#architect #career-counseling #architecture

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Dec 19, 2018 903 views

What is the highest raise you can get paid as a CNA?

Besides $12 an hour. #CNA # #healthcare #nursing #medicine #nurse-practitioner

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Mar 15, 2019 313 views

Does the master carpenter look for workers who up hold company values?

#career #business #work

mason’s Avatar
mason May 01, 2019 203 views

What does it take to become a wind engineer?


James’s Avatar
James Apr 10, 2019 418 views

Whats a good job to work in?

Doing some #career searching #career #career-path #job #career-counseling

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Apr 08, 2019 164 views

Can I work in the medical field as a pharmacy tech with a deferred marijuana charge on my record?

I got deferred judgement on a possession of marijuana charge when I was 18.

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jan 16, 2019 260 views

How long is it to get R.N.

I'm at job corps

paitynn’s Avatar
paitynn Dec 05, 2018 604 views

What is the stress level of a pharmacist?

Hello my name is Paitynn and I'm currently enrolled in job corps to get my high school diploma and study pharmacy tech. My biggest question is what is the stress level like in this profession and would you recommend it? Also were would you start major wise to get to the farther education you...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Nov 28, 2018 358 views

What is the most challenging part about being an electrician?

#Electrician #welding

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