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Hastings, Michigan

Within 40 mile radius
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eden Apr 27 370 views

which is the best fashion design?

design fashion tips

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Joseph Apr 24 243 views

What is biology?

What is biology

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Blessing Apr 22 384 views

What are the steps to follow to have a successful career?

Career question

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DECEY Apr 18 274 views

How to become expert medical ?

How can I become a professional medical doctor

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DECEY Apr 18 410 views

How can I become professional ?

In life you keep pushing until you get there

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Smith Apr 18 564 views

How can someone be a professional designer?

How can someone be a professional designer in the field of graphic design, website development, application designer, and software designer

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Alexander Apr 17 584 views

What am I supposed to consider on starting a technological project?

Any technological project

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Alexander Apr 17 327 views

What can I do to be an expert in cyber security deposit ?

Technology literacy is highly recommended in future

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Osita Apr 07 250 views

How can I know what career path to go for ?

How can I know what career to go for and what type of job to help people and relate with people on different matters for the future.
When is the best time to study

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Isabel Mar 28 390 views

What are things to help me become a therapist?

What are some challenges that come when trying to become a therapist? What classes can I take now in high school to help me develop the skills of a therapist?

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Mar 24 335 views

What are some of the unpleasant parts of working as a school Speech Language Pathologist?

It is a big decision to become a speech pathologist at the beginning of college and was wondering what are the not as fun parts of being a speech pathologist.

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fox Mar 24 550 views

how can i know the best career?

career tips

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Becki Feb 15 371 views

High School Career Class Questions Detective?

I have an assignment to learn about careers in Criminology, but I do not have any contacts to interview. Would you help me? I need 2 from a detective, crime scene investigator, forensics, professor, forensic psychology, criminal justice, lawyer, etc. Job Title? Full Time/Part Time? 3 day to...

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John Jan 21 667 views

How can I get better in algebra?

I am pretty good at it but I would like to get better in order to move on to learning about financial literacy and how to use it in my own way so that I’m able to learn more about it.

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Nguyen Jan 15 1133 views

How can I success in my field, I’m studying to become a Dietitian. Dietician is STEM job ?How can I study and what tips to do well in my classes. Do you any practice tests for me to become a registered dietician ?

How can I success in my fields ? I am studying to become a registered dietitian, my job considers STEM job ? Do you have any practice tests for me to become a registered dietician. Do I need to get master degree for this job ? How can I do well in my classes. I have heard t become a registered...

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