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Jonesboro, Arkansas

Within 40 mile radius
myeisha’s Avatar
myeisha Aug 01, 2023 179 views

What are some tips on finishing highschool with a 4.0?

Why should we have to learn about subjects we're not interested in?

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Jul 05, 2023 1841 views

What is a good question to ask at an interview?

As an example, for a retail store, coffee shop, receptionist etc.

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jun 20, 2023 412 views

How should I write my resume/cover letter?

What is the best way to set up and format your resume/cover letter?

How do you write a resume/cover letter correctly?

Why is a resume/cover letter needed?

When is the best time to start filling out resumes and cover letters?

Eva’s Avatar
Eva May 20, 2023 377 views

How do I know what college I want to go to??

For example I think I want to go to Stanford but I'm not really sure I want to be an engineer or something to do with engineering maybe biology too like an environmental engineer I've always thought the Stanford is an amazing place and somewhere where I would love to go one day for college but...

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Nov 05, 2021 375 views

What should I do with my life?

I love to hunt, fish, and photography. #photography

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Aug 06, 2018 554 views

Should I stay on night shift or go to day shift?

Once I start my MSN program should I stay on night shift or switch to day shift? #lovenightshift, #nursing #MSN

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Aug 06, 2018 653 views

Where to start on deciding on MSN program?

After finishing my RN-BSN degree, I am planning on pursing my MSN. How do I decide what type of MSN program to apply for? #lovenursing #MSN #BSN #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school #nurse #nursing

Charity’s Avatar
Charity Jul 07, 2018 665 views

How do you balance your college classwork with all of the college activities?

#workload #college #advice #balancingact

Charity’s Avatar
Charity Jul 07, 2018 735 views

If I’m interested in going to medical school is the only major I can get a biology degree?

People have to me that if I didn’t go to medical school that with a biology degree, I could only teach biology. So can I get a different degree and still go to medical school? #medical-school #majors #biologydegree #medicine #med-school

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Sep 29, 2017 703 views

What are some scholarships awarded to divorced parents?

My father is supporting a large family; although he has remarried, and we live with my step mom and other siblings, he is the only one working and paying for all of us. I need money for college!
#scholarships #college-admissions #college-tuition #financial-planning

MaryKate’s Avatar
MaryKate Sep 19, 2017 775 views

What are some tips to starting your own business and becoming a popular brand?

I'm looking into starting a clothing business or restaurant that would hopefully flourish in many different ways. However, I have no experience in either field, it has just recently been a huge dream of mine. #business-development #starting #women-in-busine s

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Sep 01, 2017 906 views

Does a Master's Degree actually open more job fields and bigger pay opportunities?

I have a bachelors degree and currently am pursuing a Masters, but I was wondering if it was worth all the money and time? Will more job opportunities be available? Will pay be higher? #isitworthit #college-advice #financial-planning #masters-degree

Diamond  ’s Avatar
Diamond Jul 16, 2016 3522 views

How does education help you to find a steady job?

I'm a Honor student in High School and i will be taking AP Classes this upcoming school year and i was asking because i feel that education basically gives you a layout of how a real job works depending upon the forms and fashion it is shown and taught. However, aside from my reasoning, I just...

Asia’s Avatar
Asia May 21, 2016 937 views

How do you like working as a RN?

I want to become a RN and I want to know what to expect. #registered-nurses #nursing #nurse #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Asia’s Avatar
Asia May 21, 2016 616 views

What college has an amazing nurse department?

I just got out of school to get my Medical Assistant diploma but that not enough for me. I wan tto go back to school to become an RN. What about you suggest for me? #nursing-education

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