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Kodak, Tennessee

Within 40 mile radius
Laney P.’s Avatar
Laney P. Nov 10, 2021 84 views

What are some creative career paths

I feel like i am a creative person and i don't know what career I want long term....


Jessica S.’s Avatar
Jessica S. Oct 31, 2016 437 views

Which college is known best for their science major?

im not sure which college i want to go to professors...


Kellen L.’s Avatar
Kellen L. Mar 16, 2018 458 views

How do I find a good roommate?

I am enrolling at TTU in the fall. I need a good roommate that plans on residing in the Engineering dorms. roommate engineering dorms...


Kaitlyn D.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn D. Jan 20, 2018 488 views

How hard is it to be a woman in engineering?

I will become a computer engineer when I leave college. I know I will have to struggle with adversity. How difficult will it be for me to challenge the male dominated field of engineering and succeed? technology...


Faith B.’s Avatar
Faith B. Mar 01, 2021 154 views

What classes after Intro to Psych would I need to take to major in Psychology?

High school junior; wanting to major in experimental psychology; might minor in music education college-majors...


Cassidy K.’s Avatar
Cassidy K. May 19, 2016 665 views
Cassidy K.’s Avatar
Cassidy K. May 19, 2016 894 views

Is it better to go to a more prestigious, but more expensive, school for undergrad before medical school or to go to a state school for less money?

I'm a high school junior looking to apply to schools like Vanderbilt and Cornell, but also James Madison and Ohio University. All are excellent schools, however Vanderbilt and Cornell are generally known as more academically challenging and prestigious than others. I am looking to apply to...

medical-school college-admissions doctor pre-med college counselor

Briana F.’s Avatar
Briana F. Oct 13, 2018 287 views

How to be successful in med school?

I am a high school senior and I plan on studying exercise science then going to med school. What are some classes that would help me pass the MCAT and be more successful in med school?...


Lillian R.’s Avatar
Lillian R. Oct 26, 2018 210 views

What is the typical coursework for a graphic design major or a mechanical engineering major?

These are two fields I am considering for my career choice. I wanted to know a little bit about the course work to help me decide....


Kellen L.’s Avatar
Kellen L. Mar 16, 2018 564 views

At what point in your college career did you decide on which direction to take?

I am currently interested in enrolling in Electrical Engineering. However, there are so many different directions within this field, I'm not sure which one I should take. At what point in your college career did you figure it out? electricalengineering electrical-engineering...

nuclear-power-plants instrumentationandcontrolsengineer college-decisions

Lillian R.’s Avatar
Lillian R. Oct 26, 2018 303 views

What does a typical college freshman first semester entail?

I was curious to know what people experience as they enter into their college career....


justin L.’s Avatar
justin L. Oct 29, 2019 413 views

how do people advanced in this field?

i am smart educated easy-going person...


Megan H.’s Avatar
Megan H. May 20, 2016 1264 views

Would working as a CNA during college improve my chances of getting into medical school?

I have a nursing assistant certification and would like to work during college. I know this is good experience, but would it make any difference in getting into medical school? college medicine nursing...


Cian D.’s Avatar
Cian D. Aug 27, 2018 251 views

Should I retake my ACT if my score was a 31?

Don't want to do worse, always want to do better. I do not want to get stuck in a loop getting worse scores and never getting a 31 again....


Cian D.’s Avatar
Cian D. Aug 27, 2018 277 views

How should I go about learning about what I wish to do about college?

I have ideas about Computer Science, Engineering, and Statistics. I don't know how to figure out what to do and if I want to do these things....


justin L.’s Avatar
justin L. Oct 29, 2019 209 views

whats a typical day like in your job

i am educated, smart and ready to learn...


Jordyn B.’s Avatar
Jordyn B. Sep 28, 2017 445 views
Haley C.’s Avatar
Haley C. Mar 13, 2018 352 views

What advice would you give to a student applying to their dream school?

I'll be a highschool senior in the fall! What do you wish you heard earlier in the application process? What did you wish you had done earlier in high school to help yourself get into your dream school? I am head-over-heels for Duke! Any advice to prepare an eager student is much...

college-admissions college

Kellen L.’s Avatar
Kellen L. May 28, 2018 341 views

Do many companies focus on hiring recent college graduates?

I will be graduating from TTU...


Kaitlyn D.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn D. Jan 20, 2018 328 views

How can I change the world by doing what I love?

I am a Girl Scout and I dream of leaving the Earth better than I found it. I love science and creating the designs from my head. I find mathematics to be a little challenging, but I keep working and am in Pre-Calculus and have taken all honor maths my school offers. I think Engineering is a...