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Hannah K.’s Avatar
Hannah K. Aug 02, 2019 315 views

Extracurricular on College Application

I am aware that you record the number of hours and weeks you were involved in an extracurricular activity. Does this number mean the number of hours you’ve spent in that club/extracurricular at school, or can the number of hours you’ve dedicated toward it also be included? For example, let’s...

#college-admissions #college #college-advice

Jane N.’s Avatar
Jane N. Aug 31, 2020 149 views

Paralegal Studies

I've always been interested in law but couldn't afford a law degree. I think the best way would be to become a paralegal but I've been unsuccessfull in finding an online paralegal degree program. I live in a very rural city the nearest city is over an hour away any recommendations for an online...


Alista E.’s Avatar
Alista E. May 18, 2016 605 views

What are some classes I should take in undergraduate college to be a pediatrician?

I would love to be a pediatrician. [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #medicine #medicine-school #students #professors #professionals #doctors #graduates...


Hayley T.’s Avatar
Hayley T. Sep 14, 2020 110 views
Rebekah C.’s Avatar
Rebekah C. Jan 16, 2018 406 views

What is something you wish someone would have told you before heading off to college?

I'm asking because going to college can be a big change and I want to prepare in any way I can. #college #life-transitions...


Isabelle H.’s Avatar
Isabelle H. Aug 28, 2018 294 views

What's the most important thing when it comes to preparing to get a student loan?

Is there a certain loan I should ask for? Is there any reason that I wouldn't be able to get a loan from a bank? #student-loans...


Jordan L.’s Avatar
Jordan L. Mar 14, 2018 390 views

What good-paying jobs are available with a major in finance?

I am trying to decide between majoring in engineering and finance. I would like to know more about what type of jobs I can get with a degree in finance....


Oleksandra K.’s Avatar
Oleksandra K. May 09, 2018 441 views

Which countries have opportunities for a very cheap or even free master's or p.h.d?

I'd like to get a masters and a P.h.d. degree in linguistics or asian languages, but can't afford American college fees. Where else can I get these degrees for very cheap or even free? #europe #eastern-europe #asian #asia-pacific #masters #graduate-school #financial-aid #finance #grad-school...

#international #phd

Isabelle H.’s Avatar
Isabelle H. Aug 28, 2018 378 views

What is the best field in accounting to go into?

I want to be an accountant but I don't know what type of accountant I want to be. I plan on getting my CPA, but you have to have that for most accounting jobs. I like numbers and the order of things. #accountant...


Triston T.’s Avatar
Triston T. Jun 17, 2019 133 views

Where would be a good place for me to find/ get a job in the very near future

I am a dedicated musician, I love machinery, I have my OSHA 10 certification and I am 16. People aren' #job t my strong point but I can work with them if needed, I love being in charge as...

Rebekah C.’s Avatar
Rebekah C. Jan 16, 2018 229 views

Do you have any advice for financial aid?

Because obviously college is expensive. And I would love not to be struggling with debt when I graduate. #financial-aid #college...


Sara R.’s Avatar
Sara R. May 15, 2017 715 views

What soft-wares should i use/ become familiar with if I'm looking at becoming a professional photographer, film producer, or video editor?

I'm not 100% clear on the path I want to take upon graduating high school, but I do know that I want the career to be something in the field of photography and/or something in film. So, if I can figure out which soft-wares I should use, then maybe I can try it out and get a better perspective...

#film #photoshop #photography #digital-photography

LeBron N.’s Avatar
LeBron N. Feb 13, 2019 135 views

what are employers looking for in this career

1.#how do people get advance in this field: by being a hard worker 2.is your job typical of others in this field: worker said she used to work in a deli 3.is there anyone else you would recommend i talk to in this field: worker said to talk to someone in the kitchen 4. what are current job...

Oleksandra K.’s Avatar
Oleksandra K. May 09, 2018 361 views

What kind of jobs can linguistics/Asian languages majors have in government?

I'm interested in Asian languages and linguistics. In U.S., Asian, Russian, and/or Ukrainian governments, what kind of jobs can I expect? Are diplomacy or translation the only options? #asian #asian-languages #asia-pacific #asianstudies #russia #russian #ukraine #government #japanese #chinese...

#linguistics #southkorea #china #foreign-languages #international #korea #korean

Jordan L.’s Avatar
Jordan L. Mar 14, 2018 309 views

For a finance student, what type of business is the best place to apply for an internship?

To secure a good job after I get my finance degree, where would be the best places to ask for an internship? I want my resume to look good and I would like to have some good experience. #finance #internship...


Josh P.’s Avatar
Josh P. Aug 31, 2017 259 views

On average in the U.S., how much of the full college tuition do scholarships pay for?

My family is a on the poor side, and although I am signing up for as many scholarships as I can, I want to know how much it won't cover. #scholarships #tuition #financial-aid...


Jocelyn G.’s Avatar
Jocelyn G. Sep 01, 2017 331 views

Are there any scholarships out there for students that are first generation and live in GA?

I'm trying to find scholarships for first year students but they all seem to be for other states besides GA. Any help?? #college #scholarships #highschoolsenior...


Emily G.’s Avatar
Emily G. Sep 28, 2017 373 views
Alista E.’s Avatar
Alista E. May 18, 2016 713 views

How do i find the college right for me

Im really concerned about going to a great college #teaching #teacher #students #professors #graduates...


Grace T.’s Avatar
Grace T. Sep 01, 2017 305 views
Madison B.’s Avatar
Madison B. Sep 02, 2017 475 views

How do you balance college, work (full or part-time) and still be able to hangout with friends/family?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am struggling with balancing these three things. College and work seem to consume my whole day, every day. #college #sophomore #marine-biology #struggle #part-time-job #nosociallife...


mckenna N.’s Avatar
mckenna N. Feb 24, 2017 846 views

What colleges are best for artists?

iv heard alot of bad reviews on the art institutes. im 15 and about to graduate in 2 year. im so stressed out about college. does anyone have any ideas #art #design...


mckenna N.’s Avatar
mckenna N. Feb 24, 2017 339 views

What is the best paying, yet enjoyable jjob choice for a sketch pad artist?

i love art and want to make a carrer out of it. yet all the jobs eaither pay very little or have to do with computers. does anyone know of any...

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