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Sachse, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Dragon’s Avatar
Dragon Nov 12, 2023 347 views

How much money should i save?

How much money should i save before moving out and leaving by myself. What are some recommend jobs in order for my to be able to save money and move out ?

Sameem’s Avatar
Sameem Oct 27, 2023 346 views

What specifically do I need to start doing from my sophomore year to begin my path on becoming an Orthodontist??

What classes would you recommend I take from now until college/university? How many years did it take to become and orthodontist or an oral surgeon?

Cathryn’s Avatar
Cathryn Oct 26, 2023 379 views

How do I get my business going?

How do I make a lot of money as a teen?

sav’s Avatar
sav Oct 24, 2023 448 views

Why do universities cram so many courses into four years for music majors?

I’m applying to university to major in music education, and I’m looking through course pathways. I’ve heard from many people that the music program is like a five year course stuck into four years.

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Oct 23, 2023 246 views

How do you know what type og college you want to go to and at what age?

How do you know what type of college you want to go too and why?what age were you when you discovered what type of person you want to be in the future?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Oct 20, 2023 293 views

What steps do I need to take to become a entrepreneur?

Think about what you need and how much money you need to make to run that business come up with the price you want the items to be don’t start from scratch

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Oct 11, 2023 299 views

How do I find a career fit for me?

How do I find a career that is fit for me?

Dut’s Avatar
Dut Oct 11, 2023 559 views

How do i get into an IT job?

I have a couple google certifications to have an over IT support certification and want to know do i need to make a app or some sort of project for IT interview?

Harrison’s Avatar
Harrison Oct 10, 2023 556 views

As a college freshman, how can I gain experience in hedge funding or possible even good internships in Dallas, TX?

I dont have much of a network right now. Its been 1.5 months in Dallas as an international student - and I figure I better get searching for experience opportunities because I am really passionate about learning the markets and hope to rack up as much experience as I can.

Morgen’s Avatar
Morgen Oct 09, 2023 335 views

What job will fit me?

What jobs could I succeed in as an artist who is interested in software engineering?

Johniyah’s Avatar
Johniyah Sep 27, 2023 200 views

What is the career you wanna take up?

I would love to take up becoming a lawyer. The reason I would love to be a lawyer because I wanna make money because I wanna be making money to provide for myself and my family.

Vance’s Avatar
Vance Sep 24, 2023 277 views

Where to get a job in the robotics field?

How do you start in the robotics field

Lorren’s Avatar
Lorren Sep 24, 2023 194 views

How can I apply for financial aid and scholarships as a Junior in High School? I

I am looking for good scholarship websites but am too overwhelmed by all of the options. Are there any websites I can use that are true and accurate?

Zinic’s Avatar
Zinic Sep 21, 2023 217 views

What skills should you consider when choosing a field?

I'm interested in computer engineering. I'm wondering about other helpful skills to have like communication, problem-solving, etc.

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Sep 21, 2023 439 views

What are the best recommended classes to take in college for a residential architecture major? And will they help me pass the 7 exams to be a licensed architect?

I'm a senior in high school looking for schools to apply to that offer residential architecture majors, as if that wasnt stressful enough, I'm not sure what classes I'm supposed to take to pursue that career path!

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