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Sachse, Texas

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Emma’s Avatar
Emma yesterday 213 views

First jobs help?

What's the best job to get as a first job? Work hours and such. Including pay. Could it possibly be a summer job to? Do I need to have any work experience?

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby Feb 18 828 views

How does interviews work ?

How does interview works when you’re trying to get a job and is it difficult or stressful to do so, and can be successful in life with a good job and good income

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Feb 18 334 views

What is a high paying job ?

What is a high paying job to make you very much successful in your life is a high paying job what is a high paying job what is a high paying job what is

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Feb 07 465 views

How do you choose my career subjects?

I want to know how I can choose the subjects to help me pursue my career

Partho’s Avatar
Partho Feb 04 405 views

How did your high school experiences shape your career path in coding/finance/business, and what advice do you have for someone like me who is interested in pursuing a similar field??

I'm in high school and I want to learn how to code so I can use it in the business/financing world.

iyiana’s Avatar
iyiana Feb 04 207 views

What steps should I do to become a detective ?

Which schools should I go to and which degree to get

Meghan’s Avatar
Meghan Feb 03 235 views

Why is it so hard to get a good job?

How can i be consistent in my job

Aliah’s Avatar
Aliah Jan 21 770 views

How to become good artist?

Can you become a game artist? I mean like how do you do it if you were to? Do you enjoy your job?

Q’s Avatar
Q Dec 18, 2023 408 views

How do I know if I want to go to college or not?

I'm interested in various subjects, but college is so expensive and I don't know if any would lead to a good job after college

Lucy’s Avatar
Lucy Dec 16, 2023 334 views

How would you advice someone who does not have specific talents on their choice of career?

I'm 14 years old and I have not yet determined on the best career-choice in the future. How can I determine the best option for me even with less passion towards others?

Stacy’s Avatar
Stacy Dec 15, 2023 441 views

Where to get accounting information?

I really need help on how i can get any information on career value

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Nov 20, 2023 396 views

Should I pursue a full time job in marketing or freelance to build an agency?

In my previous job at a large family fitness facility I was a marketing associate and customer experience manager, this meant I did everything from crafting marketing campaigns to fulfilling the services. Design the menu and work in the kitchen...I designed all banners, posters, merchandise,...

Daisy’s Avatar
Daisy Nov 17, 2023 207 views

Do colleges accept injured athletes?

I want to do wrestling for a college but many people say they won't take injured athletes and want to know if it's true or not. I've had 2 concussions in the past and injured knees.

Daisy’s Avatar
Daisy Nov 14, 2023 275 views

What do I need to be able to join the military?

I'm a junior in high school and I want to join the army but I'm not sure what's required of me or I want to study criminology but want to know more about this.

Dragon’s Avatar
Dragon Nov 12, 2023 242 views

How much money should i save?

How much money should i save before moving out and leaving by myself. What are some recommend jobs in order for my to be able to save money and move out ?

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