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Vine Grove, Kentucky

Within 40 mile radius
kaleigh’s Avatar
kaleigh Sep 01, 2023 272 views

How would you select a college based on your experience?

I have wanted to go to UTK my whole life, but I am out of state. I can go to IU, but UTK is my dream.

isabel’s Avatar
isabel Aug 05, 2023 262 views

How do you prepare yourself for applying for college out of state?

I am a rising junior and I am so nervous for applying to colleges out of state but what is important to get recognition for out of school colleges?

Abrahim’s Avatar
Abrahim Jul 26, 2023 307 views

What Is a best way to start a business?

I Want to start being an entrepreneur but I dont know where to start

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Jul 24, 2023 405 views

How do you truly know what you want to do in life ?

i know people say if you do what you enjoy in life it wont be work but what if you don't know what that is. or the fear of going through all that schooling just to get bored with that specialty or decided that's not for you anymore.

Favor’s Avatar
Favor Jun 27, 2023 339 views

Is spending more than a decade in college worth it to become a doctor? Is it possible to shorten that amount of time??

Spending so long in college is the one thing that makes me question if I want to be a doctor, more specifically a dermalogist because what would I be learning that would take 12 years to master? Also, others the same age with me would already have jobs.

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jun 21, 2023 235 views

What is it like in carpentry?

Does carpentry take long to learn? Is there room for promotion? Where's carpentry jobs in Louisville Ky that have a great reputation, pay and motivation?

taliyah’s Avatar
taliyah Jun 21, 2023 581 views

how stressful is welding ?

what are the best career paths.

amelia’s Avatar
amelia Jun 10, 2023 760 views

what is the best college in kentucky for graphic design majors?

what colleges in kentucky are best for people looking to major in graphic design? this is what i want to pursue in college and as a career and im looking for lots of opinions

Mugisha’s Avatar
Mugisha Jun 07, 2023 439 views

How can I make money without getting a job, while I’m college?

I’m still in Highschool, but I still worry a lot about college. I’m hoping that I can get a job around 16-18 years old but after that I’m just going to focus on college but I don’t want be broke in college.

Adreanna’s Avatar
Adreanna Jun 03, 2023 337 views

What companies offer internships for college students

best internships for college students?

Ash’s Avatar
Ash May 28, 2023 424 views

What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

When it comes to being a teacher what are some of the best aspects about it?

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 26, 2023 218 views

When going into Criminal Justice degrees as a woman, are there struggles or biases in colleges courses?

I don't want to be looked at like I don't belong there.

edan’s Avatar
edan May 09, 2023 362 views

How many hours?

How many hours will I be working in a week of doing welding?

Sanaiya’s Avatar
Sanaiya May 08, 2023 215 views

What are the requirements in this job descriptions and the company ? ?

I want to be an certified assistant nurse as well as a LPN. in the medical industry that i can provide care and help those in needs .

alyssa’s Avatar
alyssa May 08, 2023 332 views

What kind of dress code/ scrubs do we have to wear/ allowed to wear?

I want to be a CMA and know this beforehand so I can look and be professional.

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