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Career Questions tagged Entrepreneur

Carter O.’s Avatar
Carter O. May 24, 2016 549 views

I'm interested in Entrepreneurship. Is an entrepreneurial degree my best option?

Would a business degree or something else be a better route?...


Carter O.’s Avatar
Carter O. May 24, 2016 461 views

How can I incorporate engineering with an entrepreneurial degree?

I have interests in engineering as well as entrepreneurship. engineering...


Carlie R.’s Avatar
Carlie R. May 20, 2016 520 views

What kind of companies ask for biomedical engineers, and what would be their tasks there?

After college, how would you go about finding work for this field? Would you settle with the medicinal side, the engineering side, or an actual BME job? Is the only opportunity for a BME worker at a large corporate company? engineer biomedical-engineering entrepreneur...


Madison M.’s Avatar
Madison M. May 19, 2016 569 views

How do you know that the college you are going to will educate you enough to get you hired over someone else?

I was in the middle of two nursing colleges and couldn't decide which one would be better for me in the long run. educator entrepreneur...


Madison M.’s Avatar
Madison M. May 19, 2016 508 views

How do you know that the college you are going to will educate you enough to get you hired over someone else?

I was in the middle of two nursing colleges and couldn't decide which one would be better for me in the long run. educator entrepreneur...


Torry A.’s Avatar
Torry A. May 12, 2016 662 views

What is it like in an entrepreneur class?

I want to start my own business with a physical therapy clinic to give back to athletes in Compton and Inglewood in California. business...


Andre K.’s Avatar
Andre K. Mar 01, 2016 1021 views

What are some skills that can be developed to become a CEO?

Want some useful and helpful skills to be a successful CEO in the future. entrepreneur...


Andre K.’s Avatar
Andre K. Mar 01, 2016 829 views

What are some hand on classes that helps with entrepreneurship skills?

Want a actual physical hands on that will help with the skills I have to be an entrepreneur. entrepreneurship...


Aleria C.’s Avatar
Aleria C. Feb 24, 2016 881 views
Giovanni G.’s Avatar
Giovanni G. Feb 24, 2016 1124 views

How do you become a entrepreneur?

I am thinking about owning a business and i want that business to be successful. I dont want to work there i just want to own business. business entrepreneurship...


DION S.’s Avatar
DION S. Jan 11, 2016 771 views

How does one create an appilcation are in other words an app such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Angry Birds and other such applications?

Since we all live in world where tech is ubiquitous on mobile devices and laptops and etc, I was interested in how i might be able to create something like these applications to. career general social entrepreneur media business-idea...


Mauilena  T.’s Avatar
Mauilena T. Dec 10, 2015 1540 views

How do I sell my own makeup?

I see a lot of people who get paid to promote makeup and I really want to get into that. cosmetology entrepreneur makeup promotions...


Alex A.’s Avatar
Alex A. Nov 11, 2015 2453 views

what are some things that the world have a lack of.

I want to do something to help the world...


Philip G.’s Avatar
Philip G. Oct 29, 2015 920 views

What can i do to start creating clothes and what connections can I make?

I plan to create a clothing line and I know that i cannot do it by myself. I know that I need to create relationships with people that can help with this profession. I really need some tips on what I can do and who I can talk to about partnerships. I'm a high school senior and I've been...

design merchandising entrepreneur fashion partnerships clothes

Joseph R.’s Avatar
Joseph R. Oct 25, 2015 894 views

What college can I go to to become a Taekwondo dojo owner?

I want to become a dojo owner because I am a black belt in Taekwondo and I wanted to grow up and start my own dojo. I'm hoping to get my fourth degree black belt so that I can become a master and become even better than I already am. entrepreneur...


Rachel A.’s Avatar
Rachel A. Oct 20, 2015 948 views

What type of careers involve cooking and buissness that pay well?

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a sixth grader, I have no idea what to do with my life. I absolutely love to bake and cook, but I know that jobs where you do that all day don't pay well. I am thinking of having a small business, but I don't know how I'm going to the money to start it. Any...

buisness entrepreneur culinary-arts

Olivia D.’s Avatar
Olivia D. Oct 20, 2015 1041 views

I want to be an entreprenuer, what kind of education should I have?

I want to have a good educational background so if my business fails I can get a well paying job. entrepreneur...


Soriah G.’s Avatar
Soriah G. May 18, 2015 921 views

what is a school i can go to if i want to be a dancer??

I do have an interest in hip hop and I want to major in it and doesn't want to want to help me out. I know you can PLEASE!!!!!! :0 ;) dance entrepreneur...


Karla B.’s Avatar
Karla B. Mar 23, 2015 1462 views

Can I start my own fitness business?

I love running, being physically active, health , and nutrition . I also work really well with others and I want to start a business. I'm from Los Angeles and I want to have my own gym with a health center where families can learn about nutrition and stay fit. Does this goal sound realistic...

physical-fitness entrepreneur business entrepreneurship health nutrition

Jessica S.’s Avatar
Jessica S. Apr 15, 2014 1126 views

What is the differences between Entrepreneurship and Business?

Honestly, I'm a bit confused about some majors that are almost same one another. I'm still searching for the major I wanna take in college, so I wanna make sure that the major I'll choose is the proper one for me. Please share some knowledge you all know to me. Thank you very much :) business...

entrepreneur education

Marvin T.’s Avatar
Marvin T. Apr 14, 2014 1448 views

Is there any great entrepreneurial books ?

I'm looking for book to read about staring a business and what the essential things to get it started. entrepreneurship...


Marvin T.’s Avatar
Marvin T. Apr 07, 2014 1290 views

Is a business in sustainable agriculture a good idea?

I've notice that organic food has become popular in the last couple of years and I thought that would be a great business idea. entrepreneurship...


Lekwan P.’s Avatar
Lekwan P. Mar 25, 2014 2069 views

What are the pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur?

I want to know everything about this career before I fully invest into it. I love the aspect of business, but I hate working for somebody. entrepreneurship entrepreneur ceo...


Rob J.’s Avatar
Rob J. Mar 12, 2014 1533 views

What type of business will be skyrocketing within the next 20 years?

I am a junior in high school and I plan on having my own business, but I do not know what majors I should study in college and the type of business I should create. business entrepreneur business-law...


Luke M.’s Avatar
Luke M. Jan 29, 2014 1649 views

I would like to know how much capital is needed to start up a new game company?

My friend and I are writing a business plan, in our entrepreneurship class, over a console game company entrepreneurship video-games entrepreneur startups start-ups...