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William T. Nov 21, 2014 4085 views

Bridging the gap between aerospace and civil engineering?

I am interested in both careers. Is there a way to link them together? #career #aerospace...


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Ella W. Jan 26, 2020 295 views

What are some career or leadership experiences that will help me choose my career

I'm currently interested in business and the STEM world, though I still enjoy playing sports and instrumental music. I would really appreciate any opportunities (online or in-person)! #careerchoice #highschool #stem #business #career #opportunities #internship...


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Enrique T. Jul 05, 2020 191 views

Which Master Degree has more demand in Canada and the US? I am an Electronic and Control Engineer

Hi I am an electronic and control engineer and would like to know which is the highest-paid and highest-demanded master degree for my profession in Canada and the US....


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Jishnav K. Jul 14, 2020 185 views

As someone interested in Neuroscience as a possible career, would electrical/electronic engineering be a good major?

Since the body's nervous system uses a series of electrical impulses to relay messages, I feel like this electronic/electrical engineering would be a good discipline to pursue. I could possibly minor in neuroscience, but also have available a wide array of career paths in both engineering...

#medicine #body #engineering #electronic #brain #electrical-engineering #neuroscience

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Aayush R. Jul 15, 2020 181 views

What are growing occupations in electrical engineering? I’ve searched the internet for some but having trouble finding a definitive answer.

I want to explore electrical engineering more but am having trouble finding answers on the matter. If you could answer my question it would be really helpful. Thanks!...


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Pogba C. Jul 18, 2020 163 views

is dropshipping the best way of business to profit a lot and how would you go about it and get notice with so many competitors in the field?

I'm about to be a college freshman trying to start earning money while sleeping with a successful business and it's hard for me because I want to step in with the right foot and lessen the chances of failing. #career...

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Grace T. Jul 29, 2020 190 views

What kind of skills will I need for electrical engineering?

I am a rising senior and I am a machinist at my high school and I would like to go into a engineering major #engineering...


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Blessing A. Jul 29, 2020 130 views

What is the best way to build my network and find a mentor in my field of study?

I am an undergraduate student looking to expand my network and find a possible mentor - someone I can whose mistakes I can learn from and who can show me how to navigate the field as a graduate (which I will be in 2021) #july20 #networking...


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Amit K. Jul 29, 2020 149 views

I want to learn hydroponics so what should be my approach start a small or miniature project or to work under some farm and gain experience

I am an agriculture graduate, i have worked as a greenhouse manager for 6months lost the job due to covid, my dream is to start my vertical farm, but i have very small amount of 5-7k as my saving, so should i learn hydroponics by experimenting on my own orshould i gain experience through...

#career #business

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Aniya W. Aug 24, 2020 151 views

Which SAT math topics should I put emphasis on ?

The SAT is coming up shortly for me. I want to know the math topics I definitely need. #math...


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Shandiin B. Nov 05, 2020 112 views

What is an average work day look like to aerospace engineer?

What do you do on a day to day basis. Take me step by step, what you would do on an average work day. Do you make plans, create new things, come up with ideas? #aerospace #nasa...


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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 121 views

How would you go to the galaxy as an astronaut and how long does it take to build a spaceship?

I'm Ms. Balint at the International Community School. My 2nd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance! #astronaut...


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Anirudh P. Mar 04 168 views

What is required for Electronics Engineering

It’s required to have a bachelor’s degree for college degree scholarship to learn how to repair electronic devices. #scholarships #engineering...


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Joseph J. Mar 31 102 views

I am wondering what kinds of jobs I can get with a major in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Physics.

I am a junior in college and am trying to find jobs to build up my experience for a finding a job in my field. I am currently enrolled to take accounting classes next semester but, I am not sure that is the correct step to take....


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Francois C. Apr 05 35 views

I would like to start a business early.

I like physics and maths and I want to get into Aerospace Engineering. #aerospace...