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Ryan B. Oct 21, 2020 72 views

As a air traffic controller, is it very stressful leading the planes through the air if there are many in the area.

My grandpa used to be a air traffic controller and from what ive heard about it, it seems like it is a job that might be fit for me....


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Dakota B. Nov 05, 2020 93 views

What does a US army soldier do on a daily basis??

I like to shoot firearms. I like to clean firearms and keep them clean. I also like to be in a high pace enviroments. And like to be in high preasure places. #army #marines...


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Bharat K. Jan 12 120 views

For AFROTC, do you get to complete a Master's degree or are you immediately forced to become an officer?

I want to complete an engineering degree and then follow into intelligence, but I am not sure whether I will get the opportunity to get that master's if I complete ROTC. Can someone help? #military...