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Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 16, 2023 317 views

What are some unexpected things in the military you had to deal with?

Like situations you were not trained to deal with or social interactions you were totally unprepared to have.

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Aug 03, 2023 292 views

How do i join the army for a good amount of time while finishing college?

I want to do history as major but I also want to join the army.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Jan 30, 2023 544 views

What path can i take to be able have the most successful career in the military?

I was told many benefits of the military and it sounded interesting i'm also very dedicated and hard working so i thought it would be a good idea to try. Although im more interested in the air force than any other branch.

Kolben’s Avatar
Kolben Dec 13, 2022 1671 views

What are the biggest benefits for joining the military?

I have been wanting to join the military when I get old enough. I would like to know what the benefits of each of the branches.

Z’s Avatar
Z Dec 09, 2022 788 views

What are the differences between a B.A. and a B.S. in computer science? Is having a B.S. better or is the difference insignificant to employers?

Do you learn more in one, is one easier, etc.

Austyn’s Avatar
Austyn Dec 06, 2022 723 views

How do you get started as a pilot ?

I know you have to take classes and training, but how do I get started with that? Who do I contact? Are there any recommended contacts/schools?

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Nov 21, 2022 551 views

What file type should I use for my online resume and how many pages should it be?

I have been wondering about these two questions for a while and would like professional answers, thank you kindly.

Ishmael’s Avatar
Ishmael May 03, 2022 1104 views

What has your experience in the military been like?

Someone who is in the military how has it affected your life in 20 years?

liah’s Avatar
liah Mar 16, 2021 788 views

How does the GI bill work?

#army #GIBill

Bharat’s Avatar
Bharat Jan 12, 2021 663 views

For AFROTC, do you get to complete a Master's degree or are you immediately forced to become an officer?

I want to complete an engineering degree and then follow into intelligence, but I am not sure whether I will get the opportunity to get that master's if I complete ROTC. Can someone help? #military #human-resources

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Nov 05, 2020 623 views

What does a US army soldier do on a daily basis??

I like to shoot firearms. I like to clean firearms and keep them clean. I also like to be in a high pace enviroments. And like to be in high preasure places. #Army #Marines #professional

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 21, 2020 435 views

As a air traffic controller, is it very stressful leading the planes through the air if there are many in the area.

My grandpa used to be a air traffic controller and from what ive heard about it, it seems like it is a job that might be fit for me. #aviation

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 21, 2020 765 views

What classes in college would I have to take to become a air traffic controller

#aviation #air-traffic-control