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Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jul 19, 2016 1291 views

What can you do when you're feeling stressed about not having a job while in college?

I'm almost finished with college and I have yet to find a summer job. I'm afraid that this may hinder my job search after I graduate, since I have very little job experience. This has caused me to begin to stress and worry and wonder what am I going to do once I finish school. I feel like now...

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jun 29, 2016 2089 views

As an aspiring leader and entrepreneur, what are three books I must read?

I am 19 years old at university. This summer I've immersed myself in a variety of texts ranging from philosophy to leadership advice. I still am, however, looking for that one book to spark a certain inspiration. If you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear it. #entrepreneurship...

Nora’s Avatar
Nora May 18, 2016 2225 views

In which career in the psychology/therapy fields would ASL and foreign languages be most valued?

I speak 2 languages (including English) fluently and 3 more at varying degrees of functional fluency. One language I know that I think is particularly unique is American Sign Language, which I learned in school and at an academic summer camp. Now that I'm thinking about potential career choices...

Trevor Warren’s Avatar
Trevor Warren Apr 12, 2016 1201 views

What are the possible career paths for a college graduate with a degree in philosophy?

I am currently a sophomore in high school. I will soon be looking at potential colleges that I would like to go to and potential careers I would like to pursue. I have taken an interest in philosophy and questioning the institutions and beliefs around me. I would like to major in philosophy in...

Joana’s Avatar
Joana Sep 26, 2015 3053 views

What is it like to become a teacher? I'm thinking of becoming one as well :)

Can someone give me a list of types teachers Out there instead of school (Don't give me English, math, science, etc.,) I want to become a teacher out there. But what other teachers are there?? :) #teacher #art #children #learning #talent

Molly’s Avatar
Molly Feb 11, 2015 1671 views

while becoming a teacher, do you just learn what your teaching or do you learn how to deal with certain situations that could happen within the class room?

I want to go to college to become a teacher but im nervous that once i enter the classroom i will not be able to handle some things teachers experience in the classroom? #teaching #learning #behavioral

Prithvi’s Avatar
Prithvi Mar 05, 2014 2056 views

Does taking a minor in college make you look better to future employers?

I am currently a junior in high school and have recently decided to major in Economics in college, I have heard a lot about minors, but I still want to learn more about them. For example, do you get degree for taking a minor? Do you have a lot more classes if you take a minor? But most...