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Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Mananya Dec 22, 2023 935 views

What should I do to get into a good university for Computer Sciences?

I am a 16 year old from India and I want to pursue a career in AI and machine learning. I have taken up a course to give me some beforehand knowledge about the same, but now I wish to make projects of my interest. This might be the right time to state that I do NOT know a lot about coding in...

brian’s Avatar
brian Dec 07, 2023 428 views

Do you need a college degree for computer science?

what colleges offer a computer science program?

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Jun 14, 2021 690 views

How can I better myself so later on in the future me and my children can be set for life?

I like working on my future self, very open-minded, and helping others. #Software Engineer #Financial Analyst

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Oct 31, 2016 1321 views

Have women in STEM experienced any setbacks because of their gender?

Women are underrepresented in STEM and it sometimes leads to misconceptions in the workplace. Over the summer, I interned for Girls Who Code, a program that works to integrate young girls into coding. I've heard many stories about men making remarks or making women feel uncomfortable, and I was...

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Aug 24, 2021 551 views

IS computer tech in high demand right now ?

#computer #technology

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Kalen Sep 29, 2021 662 views

Where could I intern for computer science with no experience?

I am a 17 year old black young man looking for a career and experience in the computer science/ computer programming field. #computer #computer-science #computer-programming

Iakov’s Avatar
Iakov Oct 06, 2021 757 views

What can you do for your resume to show experience?

Especially going into the computer science field I believe experience is key to be hired. What are some things I can do to gain more experience to strengthen my resume other than taking courses or doing internships?

#resume #computer #job-application #internship

Bryson’s Avatar
Bryson Oct 19, 2021 1043 views

What advice would you give to someone considering being a programer?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. #college #college-major #tech #technology # #computer #computer #computer-science...

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Apr 28, 2022 819 views

What entry level jobs could I take while studying computer programming in college?

What jobs would help me become a better programmer while still learning in college?

amir’s Avatar
amir May 23, 2022 533 views

what are some jobs where you can have fun while working?

what are some jobs where you can have fun while working?

Kimbriel’s Avatar
Kimbriel May 05, 2021 945 views

What's a good way to balance everything out?

When I have to much things going on at one time, I can't balance everything out. I'm focused on one thing and forgetting about the other. #life #advice

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jan 21, 2022 826 views

Computer Science Majors- How did you choose which field to study in?

Each field in computer science is diverse in its own way, and I'm not sure which field I want to go into! If you majored in computer science, how did you know that the field you studied was right for you?

#computer-science #technology #college #majors

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jan 24, 2022 508 views

Does finding an occupation in the Computer Science field get very challenging at times?

I'm looking into the Computer Science field as a future career and would love some feedback and or opinions. Thank you! #ComputerScience

yuyan’s Avatar
yuyan Jan 31, 2022 625 views

I'm a high school student. What classes should I take to prepare me for majoring in computer science in college?

I'm a high school student, 11th grade. I'm currently taking Ap computer Science principles. #computer-science

ashley’s Avatar
ashley Feb 03, 2022 1325 views

What are some occupations that combine art and stem together?

#art #science #steam #occupation