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rifat Apr 20, 2023 403 views

how do I learn to lift more weights?

how do i lift more

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Patrick Apr 24, 2023 670 views

How can I become better at saving money and not spending it the second its in my hands?

I am a Senior in high school and I want to figure this out before I get thrown out into the real world.

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Tristan Apr 24, 2023 674 views

How does it feel being an accountant?

How does it feel every day being an accountant doesn't matter which field like audits or such just how does it feel being an accountant.

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Julia Jun 27, 2022 653 views

How much money do you make as a senior consultant at a big corporate firm in NYC?

How long does it take to become a senior consultant at a big corporate firm in NYC?

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Kadiatou Mar 29, 2023 712 views

Do I need a college degree to open a company?

Is it essential to have a degree in business management, or business administration to open a company.

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Tyler Apr 13, 2023 452 views

How do i make money well still in highschool?

I am currently a freshman in high school looking for advice on the best way for me to start making money well still having time for school

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Benjamin Dec 13, 2022 662 views

Accountants, ultimately, what differentiates a CPA and a CA How did you decide which accreditation suited you? #EOY22

At the moment, I am a newly graduated High School student interested in majoring in Finance and Accounting at the UTS Business School, and aspiring to pursue further studies upon entry into the work force to become a fully realised and accredited accountant. Although I am many years away from...

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sabrina Apr 18, 2023 348 views

How would I deal with rude and aggressive customers?

What should I do in a situation like this if I were faced with an aggressive customer?

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Jensen Apr 06, 2023 741 views

Should I go to college after highschool?

I feel like if I don’t go it may impact me later in the future with finding a job.

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Genevieve Sep 27, 2022 1347 views

What steps are involved in getting a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number)?

Do I have to take a test, take the IRS' Annual Filing Season Program, etc.?

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Michelle Jan 30, 2023 708 views

What can I do to prepare for the CPA exam?

I'm a junior in high school who wants to get into accounting, and I'd like more information on the CPA exam.

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Isabella Apr 04, 2023 376 views

How do I make smart investments ?

tips, and tricks for early investing and money management.

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Liseth Feb 12, 2023 755 views

Balance CPA exam and school?

How do I prepare to take the CPA exam while also studying for my Master's in Accounting?

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William Mar 07, 2023 493 views

How do I know what i to major in when i get to college ?

I'm a high school junior and I'm thinking about going to college and not sure what i want to major in.

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Frankie Mar 08, 2022 665 views

What level of math do I need for a computer science major?