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Gabriela ’s Avatar
Gabriela Dec 07, 2016 942 views

What kind of writing skills could you add to your own personal development that will increase your chances of becoming a better writer ?

I am thinking about writing articles in social media in order to increase my knowledge and try to get out there . However , I need some advice on the key skills that I can start studying . #business #writing #social-media-marketing

K’s Avatar
K May 30, 2016 1337 views

How to Narrow Down Choices?

I love doing everything, writing, singing, golfing, drawing, acting, designing (mostly characters), playing video games. But I want to do *everything*. Voice acting, pro golfing, novelist, concept artist. I'm having trouble narrowing down my loves and making them into careers and getting the...

viviana’s Avatar
viviana May 17, 2016 1062 views

Is the only way to have a career based off writing stories to be a self-employed author?

is there anything else I can do where I specifically write fiction as a career? #writing #author #self-employed

Valerie’s Avatar
Valerie May 17, 2016 1524 views

Should I focus on one genre if I want to become a writer?

I have tried at both fiction and poetry, and I have found out that I like writing fiction more than I like writing poetry. Should I focus on fiction or try and become better at poetry if I want to be a successful writer? #art #writing #creative #english-composition

Delilah’s Avatar
Delilah Jun 11, 2016 1229 views

Does the highschool you go to matter in the end?

I am moving to a new house and have the option of staying at the same school I have gone to for two years but I also have the chance of getting to change to go to a different school. The school I currently go to does not give me the option of taking the AP classes I want for my junior year...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 02, 2016 12445 views

Can I become a counselor with only a Bachelor's degree?

While I do plan on going for a Master's since I'm hearing that's almost the minimum required level for counselling occupations, I was wondering if it's possible to get a job as a counselor with a Bachelor's? #psychology #counselor #counseling #counselling

K’s Avatar
K May 27, 2016 716 views

In regards to Social Work...when a person becomes a licensed social worker in his/her specific state, what goes into maintaining his/her license? Anything? and if yes, then what?

I'm currently investing in an education to receive a degree in Social Work. I feel like there would be something like that...a process to renew a license, because there's so many check and balances to go through anyway, whenever one is dealing with the well being of another. I would just like...

K’s Avatar
K May 27, 2016 1115 views

I'm interested in applying for an internship at a local shelter and I want to be prepared and have a resume. My question is, what should I include, and what do people look for in an ideal candidate?

Hello, my name is Katie. I'm currently an undergraduate at a community college looking to pursue a bachelor's (potentially a Master's) in Social Work. I became enamored for this field of work after reading a transcript from an online interview a woman had with a social worker. What I got...

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle May 26, 2016 1508 views

What careers are good that involve psychology?

I am mainly looking at going for counseling but I want to look more at the different careers that involve psychology. #counseling #clinical-psychology #psychologist

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 25, 2016 955 views

After you become a counselor, is it helpful to start working at a religious center if you are religious?

I would like to get a job with my church so that I can interact with people that are the same religion as me or that are at least investigating our religion. I think it would be a good experience for me because I'd be able to learn more about my own religion by working with these people. Plus,...

Sherese’s Avatar
Sherese May 25, 2016 1250 views

Is there better job security for secular counselors than there is for Christian counselors?

I want to be a counselor, but I am unsure of which route to take that will be more beneficial. #psychology #counselor #counseling #clinical-psychology #life-coach #counseling-psychology #mental-health-counseling #family-counseling

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 25, 2016 984 views

What degree would be best for becoming a counselor for grief, addiction, abuse, etc.?

I have been looking at the degrees that are out there and I noticed that there's a lot of different counseling degrees. I want a degree that will allow me to counsel people who struggle with some things that I mentioned in my question. Of course, I won't limit myself to just these areas. I also...

keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana May 23, 2016 2766 views

How to become a brain doctor?

Hai! I am studing 10th standard. I want to become a brain doctor. I am very interesting to study about can you please tell , how to become a brain doctor? #doctor #teacher #nursing #professor #counseling #neurology

D'Essence’s Avatar
D'Essence May 22, 2016 962 views

can i get a well paying job with a psychology major and sports medicine minor?

just want an insight of how life will be! #psychology #counseling #athletic-training #sports-medicine

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn May 17, 2016 1752 views

Is it necessary to go on a college visit to decide on a college? How do college visits factor in making this decision?\

I would like to go to college out of state and it would be difficult to visit the colleges I am considering. #college #counseling