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Mridul Sangeet’s Avatar
Mridul Sangeet Dec 06, 2022 366 views

What are the job opportunities after completing my course of business management?

I'm a newcomer to Canada as a student looking for jobs and gaining practical knowledge regarding my fields and gaining experience. What's the best way to enhance my pace on it?

carter’s Avatar
carter Nov 01, 2022 613 views

What does it take to be successful in Sales and how do you balance your work life and at-home life?

What traits go into being good at sales and is it stressful and hard?

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Nov 01, 2022 247 views

Is it possible to manage a business all by yourself?

No help whatsoever, only yourself.

Sang’s Avatar
Sang Oct 26, 2022 439 views

What are the education steps I need to take if I am interested in going into the business field?

I want to pursue my career in the business field. I'm wondering what steps must I take in order to become to pursue this passion.

Orion’s Avatar
Orion Oct 24, 2022 330 views

Can anyone answer these Informational Interview questions?

1. What got you interested in writing?

2. Is there anything you find the most challenging about writing?

3. What's your favorite aspect of writing?

Junhao’s Avatar
Junhao Oct 24, 2022 394 views

My career goal statement

I wan to be a math teacher after I graduated form college, but I want to do some thing that has more pay and less work. I am planning to do actuary.

Tisha’s Avatar
Tisha Oct 12, 2022 339 views

what is best career option in marketing ?

Hi, My name is Tisha. I m in my degree 3rd year of BBA. i am here to find the right career path for myself.
I m interested in marketing.

Sashmita’s Avatar
Sashmita Jun 08, 2021 578 views

I m confused about changing my career at the age of 28. Although I don't have much experience in my present career. I am 28 years and married.What to do?

#career I have completed my post graduation in civil engineering. I was having a job. But I left it after doing it for 6 months. Then I started preparing for government exam. But now I am want to change my career option, I want to do work in digital marketing field. I am presently working on...

Alfredo’s Avatar
Alfredo Dec 23, 2021 4950 views

As an entrepreneur, what are some key skills to build or have when creating a business?

#entrepreneur #business #personal-development

Manning’s Avatar
Manning Jun 17, 2021 600 views

Is wanting to become an entrepreneur to make a lot of money the wrong reason for becoming one?

I'm in high school, and I don't come from the most financially stable family. I want to have a future where I can help others and make a lot of money while doing it. #entrepreneur #money #business

weilin’s Avatar
weilin Jan 28, 2022 492 views

Should I take Statistics if I take computer science in college?

Is Computer Science include(required) Statistics knowledge? #Statistics #computer-programming

La'Kayla’s Avatar
La'Kayla Oct 13, 2022 300 views

What would be a better choice, an administrative assistant or a human resources rep?

I took a career assessment to help me get more specific jobs that have to do with what I'm interested in and these two jobs caught my eye. I did some research on both and I am very interested in both and would like some advice on which I should pursue or lead in.