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Laiz’s Avatar
Laiz Apr 11, 2017 1314 views

How does a person decide on an area of study without a vision of what they would like to do?

My roommate was going to school and took a semester off because she was really unhappy and unclear of where she was headed. She started taking classes again, but still feels lost and without grasp of her future. We were talking over breakfast this morning as she was expressing her frustration...

Arianne’s Avatar
Arianne Mar 12, 2017 1333 views

Should you go to university or college if you are not sure what to study. It is so expensive.

Some of my friends know exactly what they want to study, many others do not. It is such a big decision to make, and post-secondary education is very expensive. Is it worth it? If I drop out of a program, I don't know what I'll do next. #career-counseling #career-path #undecided

Nabil’s Avatar
Nabil Jan 19, 2020 784 views

Can’t decide which courses to take in Grade 10. Need advise on how to know my interest?

s for Grade 10, but I still don’t know what field I want to study at university and can’t decide on any specific career? #undecided #career-counseling

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Apr 12, 2017 1728 views

How does one decide upon an interest?

When it comes to careers, I generally want to choose a career that interests me. However, I haven't been able to narrow my interests down to a point where I can choose a career path that interests me. Some of my interests include: Biology, Technology, Music, Programming, Psychology, Philosophy,...

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Feb 14, 2019 878 views

How do I find "my career"?

How do I find what I want to do for a living? What I want to do. #undecided #career-choice #career-counseling

Tamra’s Avatar
Tamra Feb 26, 2020 1368 views

test about personality

I heard there was a free test to take about your personality and interests to help you decide upon a career but I don't know the name. #undecided #career-exploration #career-counseling

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Dec 20, 2022 1938 views

What is a mistake you made in work that turned into a learning experience ?

How do you use that learning in your life now?

This is part of our professionals series

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Nov 08, 2022 912 views

What is the most difficult part of getting a major in computer science or business/marketing in college?

In the future I would love to start my own business or become a programmer. If possible I want to do both. I want to know as much information as I can to achieve this goal.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 02, 2016 970 views

I am interested in pursuing engineering, most likely computer engineering, I wanted to know internships available for this field? But also I wanted to also know how can I merge my passion of music with engineering as well ?

Hello, I am a senior in high school. As I soon go off to college I plan to go into the engineering field. My passion is music and dancing but I wanted to combine these passions with the field I wanted to pursue.However I am having trouble with it. I research and found that I was interested in...

Yariel’s Avatar
Yariel Nov 15, 2022 773 views

When is the best time for me to start looking into a career??

There's so many choices for me to pick from and I don't know when I should try to lock in on one.

kendalle’s Avatar
kendalle May 04, 2022 993 views

In computer programming, what should I focus on most?

It would be helpful if there was something significant to focus on if I were to start computer programming.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 03, 2022 1228 views

Is it okay to get into any computer field with little to no knowledge on the subject?

Computers have always been of interest to me on many different levels, both in hardware and software. Still, I have never been in a position to expand my personal skills and knowledge of computers. To be able to create the things I have always dreamed of, I would like to program or even code in...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Sep 27, 2022 608 views

Whats the best way to use python or any programming language ?

This is for my computer class and even though this is for my class I want this question to be answered

Axel’s Avatar
Axel Jan 14, 2019 912 views

What is the Employment Outlook for computer programmers?

#computer #computer-science #programming #technology #computer-programming

Samsuzzoha’s Avatar
Samsuzzoha Oct 11, 2019 1070 views

What can make the learning of programming more enjoyable and what kinds of language should I start from? Which types of websites can enrich my knowledge in the field of programming?

I am a beginner and I found it enjoyable. But I want to make it more enjoyable to gain more. #programming #computer-science #technology #math #computer-programming