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Caroline Schmidt

Pediatric and neonatal Occupational therapist
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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cora Mar 30 245 views

what is the bbest course for me

courses tips

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Ryley Jul 27, 2023 213 views

can occupational therapists work with babies?

Babies often bring me such joy and as I am about to go to college and am interested in this field I was wondering if or how I can work with them?

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Raine Aug 12, 2023 474 views

When do you know you want to go into health care?

I want to try going into health care but I dont know if its for me.

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Ryley Jul 27, 2023 221 views

Who is an occupational therapist?

I am a little interested in this for my future but the amount of schooling is what is scaring me for the pay is not that high? How do you feel about it? Would you recommend?

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Vanisha Aug 24, 2020 582 views

Do you have to take any exams to become a occupational therapist?

#occupational #therapists

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zoey Feb 09, 2023 1092 views

my career goals!

my career goal to help people. i would like to go to school for nursing or something involved into nursing department. but how do i know if right for me? i would start will in high school learn all the health stuff like about the body etc. then colledge i hope

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 06, 2023 520 views

How do I know that the career I'm going to choose will be right for my future?

I'm interested in becoming a registered nurse

This question was asked by a student anonymously

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Emily Nov 17, 2022 1721 views

What do you do as a recreation therapist? Is finding a job after college in this field difficult to break into?

Interest in recreation therapy & occupational therapy
Working with children

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 609 views

What did you do to prepare for a career as a pediatrician?


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Chloe Dec 14, 2022 475 views

What are rehab physical therapies within the school system?

What are rehab therapy's within the school system?

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Nooralmustafa Dec 17, 2022 902 views

What courses should I take in High School in order to get into Medical School? What Advice would you give to an 10th grader that wants to get into the medical field? Could I get a Volunteer Job at a Pharmacy, Medical Office, or a Hospital at 14-15?

I am M/15 I recently got into high school and gets good grades as I achieved high honors. I have been consistent at math, getting 100 in geometry, 93 and above in science and over 93s in all classes including the 5 100s I have. My GPA is a 96-98 average, and I would say I am one of the smartest...

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Morgan Dec 14, 2022 765 views

What are some career options within the medical field that are related to pediatric nursing?

pediatric nursing

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Emmanuel Dec 15, 2022 2861 views

what is the hardest part of working in healthcare?

what is the hardest part of this profession