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Raul May 02 122 views

What are the values that automotive repair companies uphold and what do they look for in employees?

This question is for the automotive people and what makes them different from others.

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Karla May 04 149 views

How to turn my weaknesses into one of my strengths?

I'm kind of a procrastinator but I always do my work at the last moment, I work better under pressure because I focus more on those types of moments.

Efrain’s Avatar
Efrain May 04 75 views

what made you do this career , what did you do to prepare for this career??

I am a Freshmen and i wanna be a civil engineer but what can i do to get prepare myself

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 30 176 views

How can I grow my popularity with potential employers at Disney through LinkedIn posts?

I currently work as a project manager for a commercial real estate company, which I love, but the dream is to someday work as a consultant for Disney or work for the Disney Company. I want to have more virtual coffee meetings with some of their employees and I'm wanting to know how to stand out...

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Gurbani May 02 218 views

how can i start to invest in things and what to invest in?

I don't know where to invest but want to start to s i need a little help with that. and how does this work how do i get profit from this.

Katlin’s Avatar
Katlin Jan 13 465 views

What advice would you give yourself when you were just starting out?

I am in a trade school and will be taking office administration classes but I want to eventually open my own restaurant and am unsure of where to even begin this journey.

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Jan 24 171 views

How many hours will I be working as a head chef?

I have over 5 years of kitchen experience, will this help me gain more hours?

Reponse’s Avatar
Reponse Jan 23 341 views

How can I pursue my career when I don't have a lot of opportunities?

I want to be an accountant, but I do not know how to start or what opportunities to take up.

Sana’s Avatar
Sana Jan 25 329 views

accounting after BS in nutrition and Dietetics

Hi! can i do masters in accounting after BS in nutrition and Dietetics or what options i have e.g. MBA?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 26 272 views

What is the best path if I want to follow a business career?

I want to follow something in business but I’m not sure what would be the pest path exactly for me since I want something that is not to much statistics but I also want something that has good pay and maybe even travailing involved but not too much.

Quinton’s Avatar
Quinton Jan 27 190 views

How would you go about starting your own business?

Any type of business tips help like what you do if you cant fund the business?, What kind of connections do I need to grow the business.