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Jade’s Career Goals

My interest are to be an entrepreneur and a few other things that i'm still trying to figure out. Possibly a Plastic Surgeon. I know my aim is to be in a career field that shows who I am as a person and a place that sets me up for financial freedom. I want to aim high.


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Jade May 08 164 views

Great HBCU'S

What are some good HBCU'S you have heard of and what type of career are they known for? More in detail, is it a good school for business? Medical? Sports? Acting? Like such.

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Jade May 08 130 views

Things You Wish You Were Told

What are some tips, tricks and information you wish you were told before you became an adult going to college?

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Jade May 08 108 views

Credit For Teens

What are ways to begin building your credit at 17 before you are 18 so you'll be able to do things once you turn 18?

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Jade Mar 13 149 views

Business School

What are some tips in becoming successful in business?

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Jade Mar 13 286 views

Routes In The Medical Field

What different routes can you take to become a plastic surgeon?

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Jade Mar 13 245 views

Career Options?

What are other great career fields out of Medical and Engineering jobs?