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Florence, Alabama
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I want to be a travel nurse who specializes in pediatrics or a registered nurse

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Brooklyn Jul 11, 2023 313 views

What part time jobs can I get at 15?

What part time jobs can a 15 year old get? I just turned 15 last month and have been trying to find a part time job to earn extra cash before school starts back up, I tried McDonald’s but none of them in my area are currently hiring. I don’t know where else to look because most restaurants in...

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Brooklyn May 22, 2023 584 views

What is the best language to learn as a beginner to becoming bilingual if English is your first language ?

I am a freshman in high school the end of the year is this Thursday, the last day of school. I decided to learn a new language over the summer since I would like to become a nurse or travel nurse, or just something that allows me to help others as much as possible. However I have struggled with...

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Brooklyn Apr 21, 2023 523 views

Nurses, What is the best advice you got in high school that has stuck with you?

I hace almost finished my first year of high school and I am taking college course through dual enrollment with a nearby community college. This year has been stressful and I am struggling to stay motivated.