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Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn May 02 217 views

How to get started in the helicopter field?

How can you get a job fresh after getting your commercial pilots license for rotorcraft?

John’s Avatar
John Mar 08 464 views

How do I prepare for ASVAB TESTING ?

I'm heading into the airforce and I'd like to be prepared.

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Feb 28 264 views

How much work do I need to do to be in the airforce?

I'm wondering if you need to go through a fitness test or something like that to get approved.

ethan’s Avatar
ethan Feb 15 381 views

I would like to become a marine. I think one of the main question i would have is how long will i have to stay in the military. What are the job opportunities i will get from joining the military.

I would like to become a marine. I would like to go to college for nuclear engineering and then go back to the military.

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Feb 16 248 views

Is commercial piloting a low or high stress job ?

I am a high-school student in Minnesota and I don't know if I would like to be a commercial pilot. It is my top option but I know every career has some disadvantages

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Feb 16 239 views

Are you on call as a starter pilot? How does a started pilot different from a veteran pilot?

I am a sophomore in highschool and this career is hopefully going to be my lifetime career!

Tamas’s Avatar
Tamas Feb 22 352 views

How can i be a pilot?

Flying in the sky is my dream

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Jan 12 697 views

How can i get in to being a aviation maintenance technician?

i want to be a aviation maintenance technician after highschool is that possible?

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Dec 04, 2023 782 views

Do you need specific degrees to be in the military if so what are they?

I want to be in the military and I want to know how

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Nov 22, 2023 339 views

Pilots, Are long flights boring What do you do during a flight? What does your work life balance look like??

I took a career test and my top suggested job was a flight engineer, but it seems like flight engineers aren't needed as much anymore

Amiya’s Avatar
Amiya Sep 08, 2023 1008 views

When it comes to joining the military, going to college, and having a dream job, what could be the best advice to do first What's the best thing for me to do start as soon as I graduate high school or take a break??

I am currently taking dual classes to help me with my college. I'm in many programs and applied for my SAT test. I'm taking classes to help me get my nursing more advanced when I graduate high school.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 31, 2023 1460 views

When do you know what MOS you have?

Do you know when enlisting at MEPS, completing basic training, at the start of basic training, can it change from what you have been told?

Regulus’s Avatar
Regulus Aug 14, 2023 592 views

What skill do you wish you had before entering your field?

I have been thinking a lot about my future and how to make a smooth entry into the career of my choice when it comes time (I plan on being a field medic in the Marine Corps.) and want advice on what to work on from now until I can apply.

Jaxon’s Avatar
Jaxon Aug 15, 2023 525 views

What classes should I take if I want to go into aviation in college?

I think I should go into physics and higher math but I don’t know if that would help me with aviation or if it will be a complete waste of time

Keya’s Avatar
Keya Aug 20, 2023 971 views

Is it possible to do schooling while in the navy/ military?

I plan on going to the navy and know all the requirements needed, but is it possible to continue my education whilst in the navy?