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Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Nov 20, 2023 296 views

What is the growth potential in the welding career path ?

I want to know if the welding career path has growth opportunities and longevity because I want a career I can continue pursuing for a long time, And what is the usual entry-level welding pay?

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Nov 27, 2023 280 views

How can I get a part time job that is well paying while in middle school while playing 2 sports?

I am a 14 year old 8th grade student who also plays basketball and baseball. My parents do not pay for my sports equipment so I am seeking advice to try and help me find and manage a part time job while being a multi sport student-athlete.

Lilly’s Avatar
Lilly Nov 21, 2023 432 views

Is being a teacher worth it?

is being a teacher worth it now a days it scares me because of the bad connotation that goes with it

MarLonna’s Avatar
MarLonna Nov 09, 2023 767 views

How do you succeed in life without proper education and diplomas?

What if I don’t want to do thirteen years of school just to do many more years of college?

alyssa’s Avatar
alyssa Nov 08, 2023 180 views

do I have to go to college to be a police because if so what is one of the best ones for a 18 year old.

And if not then how do i get into a police academy

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Oct 17, 2023 576 views

What if you don't know what you wanna do as a career?

I have no Idea what career I want to do.

Kianna’s Avatar
Kianna Oct 04, 2023 194 views

What kind of training do people take in order to be a police officer?

I'm a freshman in high school and currently trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, but I always want to help individuals and help people have justice for themselves or their families.

judith’s Avatar
judith Sep 24, 2023 264 views

why is find the right job always hard?

Why do many of us struggle to get a job

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn Sep 23, 2023 325 views

How to choose a career path with a wide range of interests?

I am a psych major in my freshman year of college, and do not know what career path to pursue. I am interested in behavioral psychology, criminal justice, interior architecture, music production, and research journalism, and have no idea how to narrow down what I want to actually pursue.

janiya’s Avatar
janiya Sep 19, 2023 224 views

How can i get a job thats perfect for me ?

I want to work in STNA

Maricela’s Avatar
Maricela Sep 16, 2023 524 views

What career could i go for after reciving a associates degree in biology?

What jobs can i go to or where can i find jobs in this position

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Sep 12, 2023 427 views

How to write a RESUME ?

How do i write a resume

Lycia’s Avatar
Lycia Sep 12, 2023 432 views

Was going for a job that you're passionate about worth it in the end?

If you choose your job based on passions, do you personally believe it was worth the time and money you put in to do so, especially if the job was lower paying than other jobs you decided against to follow your passion.

landon’s Avatar
landon Sep 06, 2023 852 views

How do you find a job that makes you happy?

so im 14 and im scared for my future. even though getting a job is happening far from now im still scared. i dont want to waste my life doing something i dont like.

Tantat’s Avatar
Tantat Sep 04, 2023 624 views

How can I have an NCIDQ certificate as a foreigner?

I am an interior designer from Thailand, I relocated to the US. I found a lot of jobs that required NCIDQ to apply for the job. And the certificate requests the very USA background to have the test. Do I have to start over in my career in the US?