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Jeff Gallucci

Cybersecurity, Compliance, Risk and Regulatory Project Management
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Sammamish, Washington
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Reyna’s Avatar
Reyna Nov 22, 2023 292 views

Where can I learn about different career paths in order to learn the one that's right for me?

As a Sophomore, I have been really interested in many career paths since I was a freshmen, yet I am having a difficult time picking one that I can put my heart out for. Are there sources out there that can help me analyze these jobs in order to narrow down my choices?

Ziah’s Avatar
Ziah Jun 17, 2021 2058 views

What would be the best way to learn coding or for a career in computer science?

I am in 11th grade. I find websites and the creation of code interesting. #computer-science # #coding #technology #programming

Savreet’s Avatar
Savreet Aug 08, 2023 383 views

How do you transition into a new culture/country?

I'm moving to Russia for school and want to know how to best transition and get used to the new culture.

Rich’s Avatar
Rich May 15, 2023 280 views

How real is imposter syndrome?

I've heard of imposter syndrome typically with college decisions and people winning highly praised awards. What is it and is it actually a real thing?

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Oct 17, 2023 425 views

How much does medical assistant get paid?

I want to know the range or salary depending on location.

Harrison’s Avatar
Harrison Oct 10, 2023 550 views

As a college freshman, how can I gain experience in hedge funding or possible even good internships in Dallas, TX?

I dont have much of a network right now. Its been 1.5 months in Dallas as an international student - and I figure I better get searching for experience opportunities because I am really passionate about learning the markets and hope to rack up as much experience as I can.

Aileen’s Avatar
Aileen Oct 04, 2023 252 views

How do you become a lawyer?

What skills do you need to become a lawyer, and what do you need to start your career?