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madd’s Avatar
madd Jan 09 645 views

what things do i need to succeed in film ?

what things do i need to succeed in film or majoring in film ?

Lainey’s Avatar
Lainey Dec 12, 2023 405 views

How to get a scholarship for writing?

what is the best major in college to take? Which classes should I take in high school to get a good scholarship for a writing school and why? How would I go from applying?

Val’s Avatar
Val Nov 19, 2023 498 views

How do I get into the film industry as an actor?

I am 16 years old and have been in theatre since I was 8. I am currently in my high school school theatre where we do two shows a year.

Dublyn’s Avatar
Dublyn Oct 10, 2023 395 views

what form of writing is the most successful currently?

to be more specific, like what genre and tropes do really well?

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Oct 03, 2023 967 views

How do I become a film director?

Hi my name is Isaac, I’m 13 years old in 7th grade. The question I’m asking is how to be a film director, how did you earn to be one and what are the challenges in college to get the job?