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VFX artist
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Lawrence Apr 22 406 views

How can I start to make digital animation?

I want to be a digital animator, but I don´t know how to start

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl Apr 17 577 views

How can I create a standout character design portfolio for animation film companies, including tips on art styles and presentation?

I'm seeking advice on crafting a compelling character design and visual development portfolio for applications to animation film companies. Could someone provide a basic outline or tips for structuring such a portfolio? Specifically, I'm curious about what kinds of art styles I should showcase,...

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Apr 13 358 views

How can I be good at my career that seems boring?

I am the type of person that thinks I can never do anything right, especially if the task seems very big and cumbersome. I want help so that I can enjoy my career.

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Apr 10 295 views

What does it take to be in the film industry?

I've been told by my film teachers that it's about networking and how much you get along with everyone on set. I'd like to know if there are any other obstacles.

Blakes’s Avatar
Blakes Apr 07 215 views

What are some potential career paths or industries that align with my interests in gaming and coding . I'm passionate about both and would love to explore opportunities where I can combine my skills and hobbies into a fulfilling career?

I've been gaming and coding for several years now, and I've developed a strong proficiency in both areas. I particularly enjoy game development and have created several small projects on my own, ranging from simple mobile games to more complex simulations. Additionally, I've been actively...

Lynn’s Avatar
Lynn Feb 28 484 views

When is it best to apply to post-production jobs?

About what months are best to apply to entry level jobs in post-production? i know the industry is a bit in flux at the moment, but I'd appreciate any advice.

Sky’s Avatar
Sky Feb 28 554 views

What are some careers that needs art such as drawing and animation How are they needed? What are things or mistakes to look out for in the field??

11th grader

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Apr 06 313 views

What is the best resource for portfolio building as a Game Artist?

I'm looking to build a website to show off some of my work, but I'm not sure what the best option is. There are a lot of website-building services, but most have fees. Are there any good free options or should I bite the bullet and buy something like squarespace? For context, I am a rising...

Legacie’s Avatar
Legacie Feb 29 516 views

Best film Career?

What is the best career for film and production

AMYT’s Avatar
AMYT Mar 06 672 views

Is college necessary for film?

if i want to dip my toe in this industry, do i need to go to college for film?